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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A field of yellow daisies


I spotted it while driving by {because i had cased out another spot and as i drove there this morning- they were mowing!} and had to return, camera in hand, Eden wearing a divine dress i found at the op-shop.

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Its going to sound cheesy but these pictures existed in my head long before I actually took them. Since she was a bean, i pictured her running through a meadow of daisies , flowers up to her waist and her giggles filling the air.

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She’s come so far, my sweet final babe. And she has so far to go.

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And these pictures, like so many others of her, remind me that even though there are hard days, rough days, I don't want to get out of bed days….

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life is filled with fields of yellow daisies. Sometimes you just have to be patient and look.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New traditions and other things.

I have been so ready for Christmas for about 3 months,so, as you can imagine, I have been very busy covering my house in silver and purple, and scouring Pinterest for ideas. There is a pile of wrapped presents under the tree and a pile of wrapped books ready to be read each night of December. But in-between trips to the cheap shop, there's been time for blowing puffballs, growing watermelons and visits to the waterpark…

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Eden is scared of those fountains- she loves splashing in the puddles, but as soon as the fountains fire up, she's outta there!

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Her silly face- has a silly voice to go with it:)

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Im very excited about this Christmas. I’m planning a whole lot of new traditions, Our Elf has arrived {Noel- pronounced Nole, because Cara wondered why we had a decoration for Noel when we dont even KNOW anyone called Noel} and the kids each have a small tree of their own in their rooms.

This time of the year is so special to me. I know it should be stressful , and it is, but it reminds me of when I was little  and every morning is so very frustratingly exciting knowing that its getting closer and closer .

The kids are almost finished school for the year, and Luka is off to Prep next week for move-on day {all the kids move up to the next class for the day} which is sure to make me weepy.

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They’re best friend, those two. Eden is going to be lost next year.

{note- there is no-one at the waterpark because I’m nuts and turn up at 8:26am to avoid crowds- my catchphrase has changed from ‘ Where's Luka!!!’ to “Eden! Get back here! Stay where i can see you!’ and she's so tiny she's hard to spot in a crowd}

Ill be back with some Christmas prep photos soon, right now i have cookies to make with my Fatboy, who is sadly no longer the Fatboy, still not Luka though, its Louie or Lugala now.

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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving {and please tell me someone made the giant turkey covered in bacon i saw on facebook}, its waaaaay to hot for turkey here, that's for sure x

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


iphone pics

I got a {2nd hand} iphone!

{top to bottom, left to right}

The boys playing ps3, guess which biscuit Eden made? , someone's been rearranging the blocks again,elephant hairclips are the cutest, a foggy morning, “read me a story ?” , Gwendolyn, two little brown haired babes,after lunch nap, Luka off to kindy, the road home, mummy’s moment of weakness,Eden putting ‘Biebs’ to bed, still sleeping in mums bed, Luka is sick, love country sunsets, bowl of coffee!! , a windy morning, cutest spot in the house, her angry face..

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holidays and my sisters head.

Its starting to get hot. Although Summer is still a few months away,we have officially begun the Christmas countdown, {93 sleeps people!!}  the fans are on and the blow up pool is out. And school holidays started yesterday.


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{no that is not a lipstick mark on Luka’s cheek- he is constantly into the face paint pencils and making himself into a dinosaur}

Eden has new togs and I now rule all little girls under 4 must wear a swimming cap- because it is adorable, and really, how long could you get away with this……


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She is not as sad as she appears, just sick of being hosed by annoying brothers.

My sister came over and the kids helped wash the Arsa.


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Yes, the Arsa is her car. And this is her leg


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Yes, its fully tattooed.  We all call her Belbie, and have done for so long that if anyone asks me about Michelle {her real name} I think ‘who's Michelle?’ She is so awesome , my baby sister. There's no one else id rather sit up with until 3am talking about everything.


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I told her she looked like just a head sitting on top of the car. She would hate me posting this,so of course, here it is.

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Eden doing the prickle walk. We’ve had no rain and everything is so dry. So our yard is covered with prickles. Different prickles for each season. And different walks for each prickle.We have burrs right now, and its a slow careful walk because they only hurt if you step hard on them. Bindis on the other hand, you need to run really fast through, preferably hopping a bit too.

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I'm looking forward to the next 2  weeks. I found the cutest cafe yesterday while we were on an op-shop trip   { I know January is a while away but I have been planning Eden’s 3rd birthday since June. Alice In Wonderland themed, requiring lots of trips to Lifeline searching for teacups and candelabras} and cant wait to take the kids for an old fashioned ice-cream soda while we are surrounded by Elvises {Elvi?}

But right now its time to collect the eggs and sort out loads of clean clothes.Hubby is going to mow his mothers yard, Cara is at work, Dakota is at rehearsals and Rani is at her friends house, so its just me and the 3 babies { Jai would HATE being referred to as a baby, but Luka doesn't mind}. Rest assured its NO quieter with the 3 big girls gone. Not one bit!

Oh its it sooooo good to be blogging again. x

Friday, September 21, 2012



Sometimes its hard to know if I'm doing a good job. You know, as a mother. I mean there's no rules, and all I can do is my best. Overcoming feelings of inadequacy has always been part of my life. Mainly i wonder,why do people think I should i be doing more?




I'm struggling with the whole photography thing, Ill be honest. It used to be the love of my life,and i do still love capturing everything, but i get the camera out less and less. If i want to be a photographer, do i have to accept every job that comes my way? Do all the jobs i have no interest in? Its true that I love taking photos of my friends children, but after the  wedding I did on the cheap and never got payed for, then got abused because I refused to hand over more photos, I've become, well, disillusioned.

And you know, I'm busy. Flat out entertaining Luka and Eden all day and trying to keep the house clean. Is it bad that Im so anal about the house? 6 kids and an inside dog take about 5 minutes to trash the place and all day to clean up after. But am I wrong? Should I be doing amazingly well and getting jobs every week? Because I’m not.

Should Luka be in Kindy? Should Eden be weaned by now? { Ill admit I don't care in the slightest about this and respond with a wholehearted NO but man am I sick of people whining about it} Should we move so the kids can have their own rooms {again, i think No but why is it so hard to speak my mind?}

Should I be wanting to work by now, is it bad that I'm more than content just staying home with the kids? Should I be thinner, have better clothes { Eden has 47 outfits, I have about 3} care more about better clothes? And makeup? Is it awful that we rent and I have given up on ever buying a house of our own? Should I be telling Simon to get another job, rather than sticking it out with his current employer,continuing with the union strike, battling for the payrise, losing hours and money. Everyone has their opinion.

More. Its always about doing more.



{ Please take no notice of her grubby shirt, proof I rarely stage my photos haha}

Im trying my hardest. Honestly, I tell myself the kids are still little, I can work when Eden starts school {oh I will be a sobbing mess} but I cant deal with people telling me what I should be doing. Im 32 you know? When does it stop- the criticism I mean? The feeling of having to live up to someone's expectations ? Is it just me, maybe a lingering symptom of depression?

I love my life. But why isnt my life good enough for so many people?



{ I swear the next post wont be so depressing}


* yes I know, the photos have nothing at all to do with the text. But hey, I havent posted photos for aaaaaages!}

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stuff you may of missed

Since, you know, I’m the worst blogger ever!


The Bean turned 2! {and believe it or not is almost 3!} At the moment she is doing great, still in a size 6-12 months clothing, so teeny weeny, but  has reached all her milestones only a little late, and is now the chatterbox of the family. I just melt all the time at the things she says, I mean i turn to mush when she comes for a cuddle and says ‘ Are you my best friend?’  She is still breastfed, my longest yet, thank goodness she is tiny so I don't get disapproving looks yet.




We made the hard decision to put Frodo to sleep. The vet visited and told me he was so riddled with arthritis his shoulder was frozen permanently. We didn't want him to have to deal with the freezing winters we get here. Frodo was only expected to live 12 months, and he was 4 and a half. Even the vet was crying when he came for his last visit. Dear old Ivan, I've known him since birth, he has seen a lot of our animals come and go, I've never seen him like that. Frodo was loved by everyone in the village, and he now resides in our lounge room, in a beautiful cedar box with a plaque. He would love the fact we finally let him live inside :)



The monsters- they are still awesome, still driving me crazy. Cara has decided to study midwifery after high school, so there has been lots of meetings and planning, she has 2 years of school left, then straight off to university. Dakota finished the high school musical, and signed up the next day for the Cultural Centre’s performance of Narnia. Rani is still antagonising everyone, always. Has become obsessed with ER {yep, the tv show} and chickens, she has 4 hens now. Jai is almost in year 3, still obsessed with Lego, cars and weapons, has also added Star Wars to his list of favourite things. Luka, The Fatboy- remember that??- is still adorable, still loving and cuddly, still a mamma's boy. Eden and Luka are best mates, play together constantly, so much that Eden is picking up his American accent { he really really has one its so funny!}.

So much more has happened, its been almost a YEAR since I've blogged {hangs head in shame} but I'm glad i finally remembered my password, glad i can blog again at last. If anyone actually reads this, {re}introduce yourself please! Direct me to your blogs {again}. Its good to be back.

I remembered my password!!!!!

Im BACK baby!!!