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Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking a step back…

It may make me a terrible blogger,an awful facebook friend

but taking time out,during their 2 week holiday,is somewhat necessary. And taking a step back  leaves plenty of time for 4 hour monopoly marathons


playing so long Eden falls asleep



and kite flying


Edens face was so amazed,and amazing,all at once…



Time to run from 5ft brown snakes….{no photos but i watched it slither into the wall cavity,so its probably still in our walls…

Time for tea parties


and posing with new haircuts


time for running round the yard in sock monkey hats and pink polka dot boots


Taking time out has become routine for me. Blogging occasionally, and having a few weeks rest from facebook  gives me time to appreciate and remember the little things


like how much she loves chocolate cake

and big huge things


like how special they all are.

I need a step back sometimes,

or maybe its a step forwards

into life with one amazing family…