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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Mummy hides the Playstation


Jai looks like this


(Mummy felt very mean)


When Fatboy wears the rainbow babylegs


his chubby lil legs are adorable.

(Mummy is addicted to babylegs)

When Rani has a friend over

raniemma they get up to all sorts of mischief!

(Mummy is going slightly crazy)

Short post tonight, am writing this while holding my eyelids open with my fingers ( well, not really but i am tired)

I am giving away tim tams and vegemite very soon, and hopefully making an announcement very soon :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama

I have not been trying to convince Jai he is really too little to play the PS2. I did not think I was succeeding quite successfully.I did not wake up last night to find him at midnight, (after mum and dad were asleep)playing the playstation! He did not have a screaming tantrum when I turned it off, and he was not asleep in 2 minutes. I have not hidden the Playstation.He is not still asleep now.

We have not gone from pet-sitting a dog, to pet-sitting a snake. My hubby does not have a snake phobia. He has not been asking me at least four times a day “Are you sure the snake is in its tank? Are you sure? I don't see it!”

Fatboy is not becoming a little parrot. He did not bring me the biscuit I gave him for a snack, and tell me “Its gross” He did not proceed to put it in the bin, and tell me several more times “Muhm,its gross” I was not slightly hurt ( I did not make said biscuits)

I have not bought several more pairs of babylegs to torture you with pictures put on Fatboy. They should not be here this week, I am not waiting impatiently.


I did not watch the New Moon trailer and immediately start reading the books again. I did not read when I woke up at midnight, and did not wake at 4am on the lounge with New Moon about halfway through.

School holidays have not started, I do not love school holidays now more than I did when I was a kid.

Dakota and Rani are not chasing each other around in their pyjamas as I write this, and Fatboy is not behind them trying to catch up.Cara is not already at a sleepover. She did not wash up, peel potatoes and hang the towels on the line so I would let her!

I am not writing another Word of The Day, due to the fact that no one else uses fortnight ( its 2 weeks, I had no idea we created that haha)and working on my question and answer post. I am not ecstatic that I have more than 1 question to answer:)

I am not planning another Tim tam giveaway, and I will not include Vegemite! You will not have to keep reading!I do not use too many exclamation marks!!

I am not planning to spend most of today reading blogs.

Nope, not me!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just call me a pet sitter.

Remember how we looked after Bailey, my brothers dog?


Well, he went home, and now we are looking after my sisters pet.


Meet Tashi. The Carpet Python. Secured in her tank in the garage. (hubby HATES snakes-every time summer rolls around,he gets all snake-paranoid whenever we go outside. I didn't tell him the neighbour told me they have had 3 extremely poisonous brown snakes in their yard)

Fatboy  was intrigued


and not scared at all. Expect more photos soon:)   (oh, like that HUGE bruise? that's what you get when you swing between the lounge and coffee table. That bruise is almost permanent, he always hits it again just as its going away. i swear he has had that bruise for 3 months)

So, new header picture! You like?I took 32 photos, that was the absolute best. (Im still not happy with it) Wanna see some outtakes? 



I would like to do a question and answer post soon! So, do you want to ask me anything? I know I've been asked about my camera, I've got that in there!  If you do have a question, just write it in the comments and Ill answer! ( and can at least 1 person ask something, just so I dont feel like a total loser,hehe)

School holidays started here today. Let the fun begin!!

8 things…

Jennifer tagged me and awarded me.You know I love being tagged!

8 things I am looking forward to

1.School holidays, starting tomorrow!)

2. Going to see Britney Spears with my mate- I know, but she fascinates me:)

3. The 2nd Twilight movie!

4.Going to the beach when Summer comes around

5. Hubby getting his licence back and me not having to get up at 5am to drive him to work(long story)

6. The Target Toy sale (do you guys do that?) Its full on, and the only time I feel justified in filling at least 2 trolleys with toys:)

7. Confirming something special -which is still only a possibility people:)

8. getting Lukas new babylegs and shirts, haha


8 things I did yesterday

1. Grocery shopped- $390 so far for the fortnight.(cleared out the markdown stuff, checkout guy not impressed)

2. Washed 3 loads of washing, folded AND put away

3.Read 2 books

4. Fell asleep in my clothes at about 7pm

5. Ate chicken enchiladas for dinner- Jai’s choice

6. Took photos of baby feet

7. Cleaned out the goldfish tank (1 fish has all these weirdo growths. Do fish get cancer)

8. Walked the dog, got my arm ripped out. Cara left his Halti (special collar so he cant pull, he's a big muscley boy) out and he chewed it to pieces (as he does cos he hates them)

8 things I wish I could do

1. Paint or draw. Im awful

2.Write a book

3.Become an amazing photographer

4. Master photoshop cs3 ( i even downloaded cs3 for Dummies, its all gibberish)

5. Tweak my blog to look exactly how I want, html is so very hard to understand!

6. Get my 5 kids together for  a perfect picture for my header (why do you think i have the majorly out of date photo?)

7. Visit Kimber !

8. Own a horse again. We have Frodo, but he is 43cm tall. About up to my knee. I love riding and jumping horses, but just dont have the time or $$.


8 shows I enjoy

1.Underbelly (did you hear about this awesome Aussie show?)

2. The Simpsons

3. Futurama ( i know, Im juvenile)

4. Yo Gabba Gabba (come on, it has the funniest songs)

5. um, ER. I have it on dvd. Oh Dr Ross:)

6.Ponderland. I love Russell hehe

7. Desperate Housewives (we just saw Edie die)

8. Dr Phil (except the octomom stories, she sucks)

Although I love BEING tagged i am awful at TAGGING. So, if you haven't done this DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!! that is….if you want:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Totally kissable toes and more:)




24th 133

in case you cant tell,Im in love with my new lens…also I just bought 3 more pairs of babylegs and assorted tshirts. Sorry.

I fell asleep in my clothes, again.

Which is why this post is late:)

Alyson nominated me for an award!! (happy dance happy dance)honestscrapblogaward

and there is rules, naturally. But first THANKS MATEY!!

(1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award. You don't have too.
(2) Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
(3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
(4) Name 10 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
(5) Nominate 10 Honest Scrap Bloggers.
(6) Post links to the 10 blogs you nominate.
(7) Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

10 ( totally honest) things about me!

1. I hate cats. Im sorry but its the kitty litter tray. We have had many cats, and I always think ‘why did we get another cat? I hate cats!’ (dont worry, all are neutered and given to good homes, except for the last one who disappeared off the face of the earth while we were moving)

2. I am in the middle of major in-law dramas

3.I hate driving! Even after 2 years,  still feel like Im just gritting my teeth until I can stop driving!

4.I don't mow. Look, the way I see it, I do many, many things. Mowing is  one thing I will always think of as a mans job, therefore, I'm not doing it! I have mowed, once, in an effort to bring on labour (Dakota, it didn't work)

5. I love to read true crime. Sick , but I'm  fascinated! I always say if there is ever a death in our family they are going to look at my bookcase and go “ This woman is a definite suspect”

6. I am possibly ( hope and pray) nurturing a tiny secret:)

7. I love junk food. Since we moved out here, whenever we go into town (usually once a week to shop) I HAVE to have McDonalds ( do you call it Maccas too?) . Love my double cheeseburgers, and I justify it by the fact that my husband works at the abattoir that makes the burger patties. hehehe

8. I would LOVE to be a photographer, but am TERRIFIED about upcoming (1st) job. Like, panic attack terrified,

9. I am completely obsessive about the house being clean AT ALL TIMES!! Only because, have you noticed you always get visitors when the house is a tip? Once Jais godfather was coming down from Cairns and my sister wanted to surprise me. Hubby said they had to tell me because “ She will kill you if she doesnt have at least 2 days to clean” (actual quote lol)

10. My wardrobe is limited. Seriously. I do not care about clothes at all. I own one pair of shoes ( I did own 2 but the dog chewed the other pair up)

Since I am finishing this late already, ill pass this on over the weekend:) Watch this space!


10 things I love about Hubby

1.He always kisses me goodbye when he goes to work (at 5am) Even if we are not speaking, he kisses me goodbye.

2. When he gets home in the afternoon he always looks for Fatboy and says “give us a hug”

3. He goes to work at a horrible job just so i can stay home with the babies. And he has stuck it out for 10 years!

4. He treats all the kids equally , never preferring the boys to the girls ( you should have seen him at Cara’s netball final last year!!)

5. He is super fertile …………………..sorry

6. He will hold Fatboy on the ride on mower the WHOLE time he mows the HUGE yard. EVERY time!Oh and he understands my ‘no mow’ policy

7.Sometimes ( rarely but sometimes) I get flowers for no reason:) More often, I get a slurpee, which is just as good in my opinion

8.He still thinks Im beautiful despite the sag, and bear claw scars (stretchmarks)

9.He still remembers the moment we met

10. He has made me feel like I belong, from the minute we fell in love. ( Im making myself slightly ill)

me nsimon

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Word/s of The day

by demand- I aim to please!

Ankle biter : noun, small child.

(The Ankle biters are driving me crazy)


Arvo : noun, afternoon

( Are we going to see you this arvo?')


Barbie : noun,Barbecue. Similar to a cook out, a barbie is a popular way to get together with friends in the warmer months of the year. (Not to be confused with Ken's girlfriend)

( Mate, come over this arvo and we’ll have a barbie)

Banana Bender: noun. Name given to Queenslanders (me- and yep, its probably an insult- we are the most laid back state of all)

Man, If i post 3 times in one day, youll all be sick of me! Also working on my 10 things post, copied off Alyson , that will be Thursdays post methinks:)

Tagged again woot woot, and 10 things about the Mr.

Christina over at luvinthislife  has tagged me! (she has the best tattoo!)

6th picture folder, 6th picture and tell the story behind it:)

( prepare yourself, cos its NOT my kids for once!)


No, thats not me. ( I aint crazy) Its my MUM!!! (mom) . We  (my gang, my sister Belbie –no thats no her actual name- and brother Steven) gave her a skydive for her 45th Birthday. My sister is a sky-diving freak ( she LIVES at a drop zone, covered in tatts, works in childcare ill have to ‘introduce’ you some time) and suggested it. Mum, shockingly was KEEN AS!!! ( sorry thats a bit of Aussie slang) oh and i mentioned Mum was 32 when she became a grandma. She was a young mummy, not as young as me, she was 19 when she had me, I was 16 when I had Cara. I have to admit, the thought of ME being a Grandma in 3 years is UNTHINKABLE, so I guess she did okay coping with it (long story,maybe later)

But, the skydiving, She was amazing and fearless, my mum rocks!

Um, Im supposed to tag 5 people, you know how I am with that. So, go nuts guys:)

Oh yeah, I was going to pass this 


on too!

1. Melissa cos I just found her blog and am loving it!

2. Julie  cos she had a whole POST complete with pictures of her (melted)tim tams!! And she sang/wrote the theme from Waynes World:)

3.Kimber  cos she did the tim tam post too!!(and ate them all in like 1 night, thats the way!!)

4.Sassy cos her blog has the best header and title

5.Jennifer cos she sticks cheerios to her kids head:) And takes photos!


I was going to start 10 things, like Alyson and Kimber have done. But I think Ill save it for later , this post has gone on long enough:)

Plus, I will probably have more babylegs photos later

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama 

I am one of those parents whose kids sleep through the night at 6 months ( not me Monday, remember) so I was not up at 4.46am this morning! Don't believe me? I did not take photographic evidence to prove it!


I did not see Jai head butt Luka at any stage of the week.

I was not absurdly happy that my tim tams arrived, albeit melted.I did not have the whole family reading their posts, I did not look like this!


( i do not love the fact i have an excuse to use this picture again)

Jai did not run round the house screaming “ sorry poo!!!” for no apparent reason.

I did not go to change Fatboys nappy this morning and find it full off pee and ‘dump’ as both boys call it .( Jai did not sit on the toilet when he was toilet training at yell at you if you tried to open the door “Get out, I dumping!”) The nappy was not in the FOOT of his pyjama suit, there was not feralness all down his legs and covering his right foot, it was not GREEN ( I swear,it was GROSS, too many pistachios ,the boy loves em)

I did not help Jai make smarty biscuits. And if I did, the kids definitely would not have eaten them ALL in 15 minutes!!

I did not hire out Waynes World 1 & 2 .The girls did not absolutely LOVE it and watch it about 5 times in the last week. I did not still remember huge chunks of dialogue, and i was not sorry i hired it out after about 2nd viewing.

I did not feel guilty about someone pointing out they hardly ever see the girls:) I will not force my daughters to be in more photos!I did not try and get one for this post, and if I had of I certainly wouldn't have failed. Miserably.

I was not a babylegs freak today. I did not put Fatboy in 2 pairs, his armwarmers were not adorable:)




(after looking at today's  babylegs photos, I did not notice that 80% were too indecent for my blog, due to Fatboys love for dressing ‘inappropriately’  Therefore that is not my very unclean screen door- nope, my house sparkles all the time, it NEVER looks like toy shop and several wardrobes full of clothes exploded)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Mickas…Rani

Baby Chapman was born 9th December 2001,a day after my brothers birthday, after a 4 hour labor barely making it into the birth suite, almost born in the hallway. Baby Chapman as i call her ( because she didnt get named for 3 weeks) was #3, our 3rd daughter.


We finally settled on Jade Rani for her name. But she was always Rani. We never called her Jade! She made Cara a sister twice, and Dakota a big sister. My 3 girls:)


rani has always been cheeky


she was my ‘pinchy baby’. She would come up and pat your arm, with that super cute smile, then, PINCH!!

Rani struggled when she started school. My cheeky, sometimes downright nasty daughter was painfully shy. She bravely struggled through 2 years, me always being told ‘she just doesn't know it’ when I had pages of proof that yes, she did know it, she was just too shy! Since we moved, and she switched schools, to a tiny country school, she has improved SO MUCH!! I am very proud of her:)

Rani loves cuddling,bug catching, tormenting her brothers and sisters, dancing, Littlest Pet Shop, baby animals and reading. She is also loving her new scooter ( i am loving it too). Right now, as I write this, Rani is running naked screaming from Jai, who is chasing her with a bread packet. Thats Rani:)




So there you go. My beautiful, photo avoiding daughters:)


Crazyhouse newsletter, of sorts

Wow what a week! Read the entire twilight series (now what am i supposed to do,huh) won not 1, not 2, but 3 of these


from the fantastically awesome bloggers Kimber, Julie, and Alyson, whose blog i just found a while ago (its great!!) So thankyou so much, I was so thrilled at each of them, I love that you like my blog:)

Alyson had a really cool post, 10 things that I thought was so great and am trying to get to that as well. Check it out!

And, I won this


from Sassy, so feel doubly (quadrupley? ) honoured.Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! Her blog has the best title, Dancing In The Rain, which is something  we should all do I think! And my sons agree.

It is raining here today, so my photoshoot is put off until next weekend, which gives me more time to prepare/stress.

The award comes with Rules of course!

(1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
(2) Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
(3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
(4) Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
(5) Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
(6) Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
(7) Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

So my 7 things are

1. I grew up on a property with stables and racetrack , and my whole family lives and breathes harness racing.

2. I made my mum a Grandma when she was 32.

3. I am the oldest of 3, the 4th of my beloved Nanas 10 grandchildren.

5. I have been driving for about 2 years, before that my poor hubby did all the driving!

6. I have worked in a shoe shop, a swimming centre, a  travel agent and as a cleaner. Being mummy, although largely unpaid, is the best:)

7. I hoard. lots. I have boxes and boxes of old letters,diaries,calendars,photos,1000s of those potato people drawings (you know, the first attempt at people). It was all crammed in various spots in the old house, now my walk-in is like a mini storage space:)

  Tagging. You know Im extremely lazy awful at that. (Also at actually adding my awards to my blog page but ill get right on it) So, If you want to do this, go nuts:) I will pass on the award in a few days though so watch this space!

Tim Tams. I have introduced 2 foreigners to Tim Tams. now I am prepared for relentless hounding for more and many entries in my next comp ( oooh a few days/weeks? Ill surprise you) So happy you loved them Julie and Kimber !!!

Im up to Rani in my daughter posts. I felt slightly guilty that they are not on my blog as much as the boys, the boys are just around so much more. But I will have to try and include them in photos more (you know surly Cara will love that)

I gotta say, Im having Babylegs photo withdrawals….Are you??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its Dakota, aka Fiddley…


Its the 14th of March, 1999. I am slightly older, hopefully slightly wise, when Dakota Chloe joins our little family, after a 5 hour induced labour. 


She makes Cara a big sister, and reaffirms my belief that i want to do nothing else than be ‘Mummy’ :)sisters00 Dakota is a ‘Daddys girl’ loving her Daddy above all else. Dakota is oh-so-sweet, and beautiful with a big round face and curls.

Dakota matured into a loud, loving,loud, still sweet, loud, extremely intelligent but very loud 10 year old. Did I mention shes very loud?

Dakota wins awards every single week at school  I go up for interviews and the teacher says, every single time, ‘There is no problems, shes doing great,”  She inherited my love for reading too, which I love!

She is the mother hen of the kids. She will get up at 5am if she hears Luka crying before I do! 


She loves to sing, ride her bike, her friends, her sisters ( and brothers) dance, write stories and play sport. My 2nd born. When I think of Dakota i think of the note i have in my kitchen

To Mummy,

I have loved you all my life,

Love, Dakota..



my loud, fun loving babe:)


See? I do have daughters, Rani is next! Dakota is slightly more co-operative than Cara when it comes to photos, but she has a terrible posing face whenever she sees the camera:)

Meet Mullet man, sorry, Cara…

I had this ready last night and then read MckMama s twitter. Sending love to Stellan xxx

Meet Cara. Firstborn. Born in 1997. 


See that look of shock on my face? We (hubby and I) were 16. No clue how this tiny girl would rule our lives:)

When Cara is born, after a 26 hour labour , we are living with Simons mum. We soon move out,lol, to live on our own, our little family…only the start of something that will become much BIGGER…

Cara was adorable when she was little.cara8months

and has always known how to crack me up


Ok, flash forward to today. Cara has become over the last year or so, a pre-teen!(who hates me talking about puberty,even saying the word puberty is taboo) Who is way too interested in her own appearance,haha. But we are still pretty close.

For Cara, or Mullet man as we call her, sometimes Mullet eyes –look i dont know why we call her that  i think it is because she had a mullet hairstyle  for a while, and its never bothered her except when I screamed out GO MULLET at sports day one year- lipgloss is number 1.

No, there's  lots more to Cara than lipgloss (there's the hair,the eyeliner,the clothes) She loves netball, horses,dogs-but not poo duty,music, Zac Efron,riding her bike, jumping her bike!, her friends, and whether she will admit it or not, loves her brothers and sisters. Sure they  fight, but Ill catch them laughing together, or giving each other notes. Oh, and she just started reading Twilight!

Seriously, I dont know what Id do without my Mullet. Its hard to put into words. Cara although sometimes angst ridden, (sometimes like a story teenager with the door slamming and eye rolling)will always be my first baby. The one who made me a mum. 






Shes gorgeous, My Firstborn. So why dont I take more photos of her?  


Hehe. Surly, pre teen Cara, in all her glory. Photographic evidence! Although I love her to bits, a co-operative photo subject she is not!Still gorgeous though:)


Next up, Dakota:)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, Brandi over at lifeofanewmummy  has tagged me- and I love it cos its kinda like the random picture challenge!

1st picture folder, 10th picture…


out on Dads boat with both boys last year. Luka struggled with the life jacket, and we (Jai) caught exactly 1 fish!

Tagging 5 people…

1. Kimber



4. Alicia

5. Melissa

Im really bad at notifying you that i have tagged you, so if you see your name, go ahead:)


Brandi also pointed out I have 3 daughters! Which I do realise, but its usually all about the boys round here. What with them actually liking to be photographed, and not going to school, or out bike riding  with their mates etc. So, Ill dedicate a post to each girl, starting today with Cara. Stay tuned for the thoughts of an angst ridden, parent loathing pre-teen…