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Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 on the 11th

Since yesterday was Wordless Wednesday, I missed my beloved 10 on the 10th. Therefore, I have adapted it to today (that gives me another photo-and you know i love photos!

Luka was up early, again. How early you ask?


See that little round ball, not even close to the horizon? Yep, thats the moon. Let me set the scene.Its 5am, freezing cold,pitch black,and Luka is prying my eyelids open .  “Muhhm . Muhhhm. Muhhhm. MUHHHM!!!” (he says it with a ‘h’ in it. Its so cute!-luckily!) So I drag myself up, throw on my dressing gown (yes,jeer if you will, but its oh-so-warm) make Luka a bottle, myself a coffee,look outside, at the MOON, and wonder WHY he HAS to get up SO early EVERY day?! Then I looked at what he was doing.


Aaah. A boy after my heart. Reading. And I thought ( as I have  before) , that it may be early, but Fatboy is always amazing first thing in the morning, and I love being up with him, before the rest of the world wakes up:)

As soon as it gets a bit chilly ( it doesn't get that cold here, we don't get snow or anything-I've  never seen snow- but its HOT most of the year so its probably just that we are big sooks)  we bring out the bedsocks



Now, yesterday, I warned you. I warned you I was waiting on a package.


4 pairs of Babylegs. You know what that means. That I will be forcing you to look at too many pictures Of legs, and leggings, and youll all be sick of me posting pictures of fat baby boy legs, covered in leggings, running, jumping,climbing,sleeping (not that legs sleep but you know) etc. Sorry. If its any consolation, he probably wont let me force  his chubby boy legs into leggings and everyone always goes ‘are they leggings?!dress him in them for much longer. He loves them at the moment, when i put his new ones on he went ‘Whoo,hoo’ like I always say:) But he objects to knee high socks. Anyway..wait for it. the first of many…


I love those fat little toes! And, along with the babylegs, you may have noticed i bought cloth nappies! I have used the old towelling nappies, you know the ones you have to fold yourself? But after 5 kids, hopefully only a few months of nappies left, I'm trying them! Luka wasn't sure. How, exactly, do you get them to stop ripping them off?


But ill admit, they look gorgeous!


and no, i dont know what that is under the lounge. Its gone now, i just checked! All right, last one, promise!


Aaaaah thats a good babyleg fix. Moving on…

Dragged myself to Target, for new pyjamas for all 4 bigger kiddos. Found this


on the stocktake rack ( they are cleaning out the shop for the toy sale) marked down by $200. Score! Happy really really early birthday Rani (its in December)

Poor little Fatboy has the flu-again (hopefully not swine flu, but my kids are pigs-hey, have you seen their room?)  and is sleeping early. So here I am, blogging, about to put kids to bed, watch a movie (horror- I love ‘em) , then catch up on blog reading.  Poor snotty, snoring Fatboy, in his flannelette pyjamas.fatboyhandsAnd the other noisy monsters. Cant forget them!


Goodnight from the monsters!!


Alicia W. said...

Oh my word woman, when do you ever get any sleep! 5am! Whew, I thought I got up early. Love the leggies - they are super adorable.

{Kimber} said...

I wish I had another baby to have a reason to buy those leggings!!
BOOO!!!!!!! {It's our "thing" now}!!!!!!!!!!!

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

Great Pictures! I love the first one pretty amazing.
Your baby is so CUTE!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I love those leggings and your socks...Stripes...a girl after my own heart...I am thinking about ordering LeeLee some of those baby legs..they are just so stinkin cute..and fatboy's legs are too loveable in them.

Jarka said...

yay!!! I wanted to buy the same "rainbow babylegs" but they said that they can´t ship them outside USA :( so I don´t have them :( ...but Luka looks great in them!!! - lovely toes :)
good night monsters :D

Foursons said...

Fatboys legs are quite as fat as they used to be. So sad, little baby boy is growing up and thinning out!

Mama Notes said...

what cute pictures!! those baby legs are ADORABLE!!!

Miranda said...

I love that your kids call you Mum, that is too cool. And 5am, but you can find some sweetness in that!? Wow, what a good mommy, ahem mummy.
I've been wanting to buy some of those leggings. You might just convince me if you keep posting cute pictures like that.

Oh, and you've never seen snow!? Mercy sakes girl! It's wonderful, you will have to see it sometime.

Jen said...

Oh I have to get some of those babylegs for my baby!
Also, thanks for linking to momalom. We've changed over to wordpress, so come on over, check us out and update your link!
Love your pics!