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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sometimes, we drive mum crazy


Sometimes, we  frown for no good reason


Sometimes we refuse to co-operate  at all


Sometimes, our wardrobe choices are, ummm , inappropriate


Sometimes, snotty noses or not, we look like  little angels


Sometimes crazy, annoying, hyperactive, noisy,sleep-hating MONSTERS…

Always gorgeous, adorable, thoughtful, loving, fantastic,amazing CHILDREN OF MINE:)


 And now for my thrilling news:

yesterday i was out in the yard taking pictures of the kids (duh) when Caras mates mum (got that) called in, saw the camera, had a look at my photos, and booked me for a photo shoot Saturday afternoon. Its mum, dad and 3 girls, I am very excited, and VERY nervous!!! Any suggestions would be awesome, i dont mind telling you i am so utterly terrified! And excuse the lateness of my comments on your blogs- I have just read the whole Twilight series for the last 5 days, i seriously need to catch up on sleep:) but it was so worth the sleep deprivation, so thanks Kimber!!


{Kimber} said...

THAT is great!! don't be nervous...you will do great..just do what you do now with photos of the "monsters" and they wil turn out fab!!!
glad I could assist in the lack of sleep!! and I know it was WELL worth it...still ♥ Jacob??

Foursons said...

You are going to do wonderful! Your pictures are beautiful. But no worries, if for some reason things turn out horribly just do a re-shoot!

4 Lettre Words said...

Congratulations! You will do a great job, no doubt.

Alicia W. said...

Hey Girl! Love the butt shot, priceless! LOL

Ok, You should just search the internet and get some ideas of the way you want them to pose. Of course you know all about lighting and stuff and what will work. Your going to do just fine. Just figure out all the different poses and it will all come together. Your going to do GREAT!!

P.S I'm on the last book (breaking dawn) and I don't want it to end. :(

Giggly said...

Congrats! That's awesome!!!

Jennifer W. said...

Congrats on the job-you will do fine!! I LOVE the pictures-monsters of not, they are totally cute. And I read the Twilight series in a week too-did you get the 'let down' when it was all over and you realized you had to leave Forks?? :)

Brandi said...

Love the pictures...especially of the little baby buns! :)

Thanks for alwasy visiting my blog! I love your blog too! Especially when I get to see such cute faces! One question...where are your girls? I always see the boys!

Good luck on your photo shoot! It will be fun!

Robyn Jones said...

After looking at your photos...I doubt very much that you have anything to be nervous about...Your pics are great!

Yeah..they are monsters...but they are our monsters... :)
and then they come hug you and say I wuv you mommy....

Love the bum shot by the way...

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What adorable photos!!! I just love the inappropriate dress... we can relate to that over here.

Congrats on the photo shoot gig!

Brandi said...

I tagged you on my blog!

Melissa said...

Oh congrats on the photo shoot! You'll do a great job - your photos are amazing!

That little one of yours is cute no matter how he poses! :)