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Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama 

I am one of those parents whose kids sleep through the night at 6 months ( not me Monday, remember) so I was not up at 4.46am this morning! Don't believe me? I did not take photographic evidence to prove it!


I did not see Jai head butt Luka at any stage of the week.

I was not absurdly happy that my tim tams arrived, albeit melted.I did not have the whole family reading their posts, I did not look like this!


( i do not love the fact i have an excuse to use this picture again)

Jai did not run round the house screaming “ sorry poo!!!” for no apparent reason.

I did not go to change Fatboys nappy this morning and find it full off pee and ‘dump’ as both boys call it .( Jai did not sit on the toilet when he was toilet training at yell at you if you tried to open the door “Get out, I dumping!”) The nappy was not in the FOOT of his pyjama suit, there was not feralness all down his legs and covering his right foot, it was not GREEN ( I swear,it was GROSS, too many pistachios ,the boy loves em)

I did not help Jai make smarty biscuits. And if I did, the kids definitely would not have eaten them ALL in 15 minutes!!

I did not hire out Waynes World 1 & 2 .The girls did not absolutely LOVE it and watch it about 5 times in the last week. I did not still remember huge chunks of dialogue, and i was not sorry i hired it out after about 2nd viewing.

I did not feel guilty about someone pointing out they hardly ever see the girls:) I will not force my daughters to be in more photos!I did not try and get one for this post, and if I had of I certainly wouldn't have failed. Miserably.

I was not a babylegs freak today. I did not put Fatboy in 2 pairs, his armwarmers were not adorable:)




(after looking at today's  babylegs photos, I did not notice that 80% were too indecent for my blog, due to Fatboys love for dressing ‘inappropriately’  Therefore that is not my very unclean screen door- nope, my house sparkles all the time, it NEVER looks like toy shop and several wardrobes full of clothes exploded)


Drahdrah said...

VERY FUNNY ! I can relate to the gross green poop. Have a great week.

Alicia W. said...

LOL, Great not me's this week girly

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Funny Not Me's this week. Love the photos of the leg warmers. Too cute. I can relate to the room being too busy in photos to share.

{Kimber} said...

I do NOT wish we lived closer...so we could meet for real :)
I love the pic of Luka grinning like a possum--adorable!

Alyson said...

:0).....I'm loving the baby legs!!! :0)....

Foursons said...

Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party on, excellent. OK, I'm done w/that...maybe. No worries that the Tim Tams were melted, they were delicious when they were all warm and gooey,and delicious once I gave the refrigerator time to do its job. And I love the picture of Fatboy grinning. He is just too precious! If you're ever in the states make a stop through TX and I'll make sure to fit some "meet" time in my schedule.

Melissa said...

i am sooooooo ordering some tim tams! and sorry about the green poo - that's always a treat first thing, huh? lol

Jen said...

I love it! My house always sparkles, too! :0)

Jennifer W. said...

Lol...I can SOOO relate to ths poo incident-read my last week's Not Me Monday! BTW, what are smarty biscuits? They must be yummy for them to eat them so quickly!!

4 Lettre Words said...

Love it! And, those photos are precious!

Erin said...

isn't poop in pj's the best! Also gotta love Wayne's World..Party on Wayne...my hubs was watching that movie a few weeks ago..love your not me's!
love and blessings from ga~erin

Stone Fox said...

what a gorgeous little monkey you have!! AND beautiful daughters, too, i loved the posts you wrote. i am, right now, on the babylegs site because i need, need, NEED to get some of those rainbow babylegs for my little dude.

about your smarty biscuits: please post recipe :) i will re-pay you with a recipe if you want.

susanc said...

ummmm...RANK poop description..thanks for that!! ;)

my house is clean sparkly all the time too.....

I got my baby leg package today 5 pairs plus hat!! coooooool :)

and I love that photo of Luka....just screaming "adorable"

{Kimber} said...

Nappy is another Aussie word for diaper I'm guessing? See why we need Aussie word of the day ?! :)