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Friday, June 26, 2009

I fell asleep in my clothes, again.

Which is why this post is late:)

Alyson nominated me for an award!! (happy dance happy dance)honestscrapblogaward

and there is rules, naturally. But first THANKS MATEY!!

(1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award. You don't have too.
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10 ( totally honest) things about me!

1. I hate cats. Im sorry but its the kitty litter tray. We have had many cats, and I always think ‘why did we get another cat? I hate cats!’ (dont worry, all are neutered and given to good homes, except for the last one who disappeared off the face of the earth while we were moving)

2. I am in the middle of major in-law dramas

3.I hate driving! Even after 2 years,  still feel like Im just gritting my teeth until I can stop driving!

4.I don't mow. Look, the way I see it, I do many, many things. Mowing is  one thing I will always think of as a mans job, therefore, I'm not doing it! I have mowed, once, in an effort to bring on labour (Dakota, it didn't work)

5. I love to read true crime. Sick , but I'm  fascinated! I always say if there is ever a death in our family they are going to look at my bookcase and go “ This woman is a definite suspect”

6. I am possibly ( hope and pray) nurturing a tiny secret:)

7. I love junk food. Since we moved out here, whenever we go into town (usually once a week to shop) I HAVE to have McDonalds ( do you call it Maccas too?) . Love my double cheeseburgers, and I justify it by the fact that my husband works at the abattoir that makes the burger patties. hehehe

8. I would LOVE to be a photographer, but am TERRIFIED about upcoming (1st) job. Like, panic attack terrified,

9. I am completely obsessive about the house being clean AT ALL TIMES!! Only because, have you noticed you always get visitors when the house is a tip? Once Jais godfather was coming down from Cairns and my sister wanted to surprise me. Hubby said they had to tell me because “ She will kill you if she doesnt have at least 2 days to clean” (actual quote lol)

10. My wardrobe is limited. Seriously. I do not care about clothes at all. I own one pair of shoes ( I did own 2 but the dog chewed the other pair up)

Since I am finishing this late already, ill pass this on over the weekend:) Watch this space!


10 things I love about Hubby

1.He always kisses me goodbye when he goes to work (at 5am) Even if we are not speaking, he kisses me goodbye.

2. When he gets home in the afternoon he always looks for Fatboy and says “give us a hug”

3. He goes to work at a horrible job just so i can stay home with the babies. And he has stuck it out for 10 years!

4. He treats all the kids equally , never preferring the boys to the girls ( you should have seen him at Cara’s netball final last year!!)

5. He is super fertile …………………..sorry

6. He will hold Fatboy on the ride on mower the WHOLE time he mows the HUGE yard. EVERY time!Oh and he understands my ‘no mow’ policy

7.Sometimes ( rarely but sometimes) I get flowers for no reason:) More often, I get a slurpee, which is just as good in my opinion

8.He still thinks Im beautiful despite the sag, and bear claw scars (stretchmarks)

9.He still remembers the moment we met

10. He has made me feel like I belong, from the minute we fell in love. ( Im making myself slightly ill)

me nsimon


Jennifer W. said...

Great post!! I'm excited about your possible 'little secret!' and wish I were nurturing one of my own! Sadly, I agreed to wait till next year. And FYI, I tagged and awarded you! Come by and see!!

{Kimber} said...

I just have to say {again}
I wish we lived closer...I am so happy for you!!!

Foursons said...

I want to say congrats, but I'll wait until your secret becomes a not so little secret. And we call McDonald's McD's. Pronounced Mickey D's. Love your hubby 10 list- very sweet and loving.

Sassy said...

I personally do not like McDonalds food but LOVE their iced coffee. lol Luckly there is like three McDonalds within five minutes of my house. Also, I will wait to say congrats until your "little secret" is out. But I have to say that between you and some other woman I know...I am getting the fever! :)

Melissa said...

awesome post! ughhh, now you're making me wish for another 'little secret' too, just when i thought i'd gotten past that! we also call mcdonald's mickey d's, and we eat there entirely too much. love the stuff you said about your hubby. so sweet! :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

So sweet and so many things to learn about you. NOW, what is it you are "nurturing"?????? lol!!