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Saturday, June 6, 2009

And the chocolatey winners are…


(Insert drumroll,or circus music if you prefer) I have –finally- chosen two winners, and do not be let down if its not you, im going to do another tim-tam giveaway very soon, with Vegemite thrown in!

Back to business. Lets remind you of picture #1lukanboxofpigs

I always thought of this as “Fatboy and a box full of pigs'”  but

Separated at birth?

is much better:) So, Kimber, get ready to feel like a big fat pig cos you cant stop at one an Aussie. It was the perfect title, because thats when he really was my little FAT guy big belly roll and all..And i did not set this up, those pigs were in the box when i got there!

Now  #2 jaiandluka

“Let me give you a tip from big brother to little brother,when mums got the camera out, just smile and say cheese and it will be over before you know it”

made me laugh, because I know thats what they are thinking:) So,Foursons, youll be fighting  over two packets as well!

Have a look here and pick your flavours, email me your address and ill express post them!

I also loved

“its brother eat brother in this house”

so Susan, if you want a packet ill send you some ( you only live an hour away , cheap post, hehe)

Well. its past my bedtime. We have had a busy weekend (its a long weekend) and i am tired. All the kids and dogs are asleep, and my bed is looking mighty good:)


{Kimber} said...

Go me!!!! {HUGE GRIN}

Foursons said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited! My very FIRST contest to win! Woohoo!! Should I use some more of these "!"? OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm going to be gone most of the day, but I'll get in contact with you soon. THANK YOU!

{Kimber} said...

So..yes...I am a crazy person!
and...no...I can not find where on this blasted BLOGGER your email address may live???
could you, would you...please help a sister out here?!
this is my first ever contest to win 2!!!

Tina said...

Cute titles.....

susanc said...

I'm good, I saw all NEW flavours of timtams on SALE in Woolworths last week....am going groc shopping again tomorrow....so will pick some up!!

Funny thing is when I saw the TT's all I could think of was you...funny this blog world isn't it!!