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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its Dakota, aka Fiddley…


Its the 14th of March, 1999. I am slightly older, hopefully slightly wise, when Dakota Chloe joins our little family, after a 5 hour induced labour. 


She makes Cara a big sister, and reaffirms my belief that i want to do nothing else than be ‘Mummy’ :)sisters00 Dakota is a ‘Daddys girl’ loving her Daddy above all else. Dakota is oh-so-sweet, and beautiful with a big round face and curls.

Dakota matured into a loud, loving,loud, still sweet, loud, extremely intelligent but very loud 10 year old. Did I mention shes very loud?

Dakota wins awards every single week at school  I go up for interviews and the teacher says, every single time, ‘There is no problems, shes doing great,”  She inherited my love for reading too, which I love!

She is the mother hen of the kids. She will get up at 5am if she hears Luka crying before I do! 


She loves to sing, ride her bike, her friends, her sisters ( and brothers) dance, write stories and play sport. My 2nd born. When I think of Dakota i think of the note i have in my kitchen

To Mummy,

I have loved you all my life,

Love, Dakota..



my loud, fun loving babe:)


See? I do have daughters, Rani is next! Dakota is slightly more co-operative than Cara when it comes to photos, but she has a terrible posing face whenever she sees the camera:)


Alyson said...

I left you an award on my blog :0)

{Kimber} said...

She is a beautiful girl!! That not make my heart flutter! So sweet :)
I'm sooo gonna have to do this { hope u don't mind}

Jennifer W. said...

Wow...oue kids are spaced the same. My oldest was born in Jan of 97 (I think I said that already) and my second was born in Aug of 99. She is the mother hen too, and my goofy one. I love this idea! It's great to tell about each child individually!!

Jennifer W. said...

That was supposed to say "our' kids-not oue! LOL

Christina said...

Dakota is obviously a very special young lady!

btw, I tagged you... Come see "Goodbye Hawaii" for more info!

Foursons said...

2nd born babies are so special. What a sweet blessing she is!

drahdrah said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. She sounds amazing.

Lyndsey said...

That last picture is ADORABLE!

Melissa said...

She is just beautiful! I love the pic of her holding the baby - and she gets up, of her own accord, at 5am if she hears him crying?!? Perfect little mother hen!