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Thursday, June 4, 2009

As seen in

our living room…


Now i hear you “ what is that big ugly fish vase, complete with awful realistic fake flowers?’ Hear me out. My nan is almost 80. She recently moved. She is very very sentimental.She had to get rid of lots of things,which she didnt want to.I, also, am very sentimental.I love my nana.Therefore, my house is filled with ugly fish and 50 year old magazines. My nana loves that i love the fish vase. I fully agree its ugly. But, it reminds me of my Nana:)

lukababyfeetandhands The casts i had made of Lukas hands and feet when he was 1 month old, something i wish i had of done for all my kids.  Its filthy, i see now, and all those little dirty circles on the glass are from Jai’s Nerf gun.But filthy or not, I LOVE this. A lot.

bookendsMy elephant bookends i  pinched  received from my sister. I love my saggy elephant, and those are a few of my favourite books, a lot of ones i loved when I was a kid. Grug anyone? I collect pigs too, but packed most away because I'm too lazy to dust anymore than i already do! these ones my hubby and little brother gave me. I fully intended on photographing my ( 6) bookshelves, but there is so many books, and i didn't want any to feel left out. I read. Lots. Like, a book(possibly 2) a day lots.So, picture many bookshelves,crammed with books. There you go.


Photos. Many many, many photos. Lets see, ive been a mum for 12 years, we are up to photo album #13.So yes, many photos.


And a bruised up, sleeping Fatboy… Thanks to 4littlemen&girlytwins  for the cool arrow idea!  The bruise/sore on his eyebrow is actually 2 on top of each other, 1 yesterday and again this morning. Boys.


Stone Fox said...

Fatboy is seriously adorable. GREAT picture of your sleeping little bruiser!

susanc said...

Cool!! really ugly vase...but I am shamelessly sentimental about my Nan too...I'm waaay older than you so my Nan is no longer with us.....you hold onto that ugly vase with unrealistic faux flowers and hold your head high!!

I don't know where you find the time to read.....I'm envious

Susan :)

{Kimber} said...

Seriously-2 books a day?! How in the world...?
Thanks for letting us get a glimpse into your LR...probably the only time I'll get to "tour" Aussie :)

Alicia W. said...

Found you through Izzy and Emmy's blog and SOOOO glad I did! We have several things in common... I will be 28 in July, I'm a leo and I LOVE LOV LOVE taking pictures with my fabulous camera (still trying to figure the damn thing out though). Your blog is fantastic and I'm now a follower. :o)

Your family is precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I. LOVE. YOUR. Fish vase. No, really. I do. I want one of my own. Of course, this is coming from someone who carries a rubber chicken purse, so I don't know how you'll feel about my compliment.

But seriously, awesome.

Foursons said...

Fun post! And poor little fatboy needs to get to the point where his head is not the biggest part of his body so that he can stop hurting it!

Anonymous said...

Love your "family" picture frame thingy. I like the elephant book ends too, sadly not the fish vase though but like you say, it`s different when it comes from your nan. We love nans.
By the way thankyou for your comment about my title page picture, and thankyou so much for visiting my blog and being my very first follower.

By the way, 2 books in a day? How on earth do you fit them in?

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I have a two frames like yours..
Mine are live,laugh,love and Memories..they hang 3 photos down as well..I just love them...and I love your "family" one.
I hope to get to post in pics soon.

Staci said...

What great pieces! I have a ton of stuff from my grandma, that I know full well is ugly, and I display it anyways.

If it makes you feel better I've been a mom 5 years and am on album #17!

Your little one is adorable, bruises and all!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That pic was way too cute!
The vase? Tacky, yet refined!

BoufMom9 said...

I love the sentimanental items! When i move, it's the one thing I am making certain comes with us, items of sentimental value.

Love the face of the fatboy :) Too cute!