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Saturday, June 27, 2009

8 things…

Jennifer tagged me and awarded me.You know I love being tagged!

8 things I am looking forward to

1.School holidays, starting tomorrow!)

2. Going to see Britney Spears with my mate- I know, but she fascinates me:)

3. The 2nd Twilight movie!

4.Going to the beach when Summer comes around

5. Hubby getting his licence back and me not having to get up at 5am to drive him to work(long story)

6. The Target Toy sale (do you guys do that?) Its full on, and the only time I feel justified in filling at least 2 trolleys with toys:)

7. Confirming something special -which is still only a possibility people:)

8. getting Lukas new babylegs and shirts, haha


8 things I did yesterday

1. Grocery shopped- $390 so far for the fortnight.(cleared out the markdown stuff, checkout guy not impressed)

2. Washed 3 loads of washing, folded AND put away

3.Read 2 books

4. Fell asleep in my clothes at about 7pm

5. Ate chicken enchiladas for dinner- Jai’s choice

6. Took photos of baby feet

7. Cleaned out the goldfish tank (1 fish has all these weirdo growths. Do fish get cancer)

8. Walked the dog, got my arm ripped out. Cara left his Halti (special collar so he cant pull, he's a big muscley boy) out and he chewed it to pieces (as he does cos he hates them)

8 things I wish I could do

1. Paint or draw. Im awful

2.Write a book

3.Become an amazing photographer

4. Master photoshop cs3 ( i even downloaded cs3 for Dummies, its all gibberish)

5. Tweak my blog to look exactly how I want, html is so very hard to understand!

6. Get my 5 kids together for  a perfect picture for my header (why do you think i have the majorly out of date photo?)

7. Visit Kimber !

8. Own a horse again. We have Frodo, but he is 43cm tall. About up to my knee. I love riding and jumping horses, but just dont have the time or $$.


8 shows I enjoy

1.Underbelly (did you hear about this awesome Aussie show?)

2. The Simpsons

3. Futurama ( i know, Im juvenile)

4. Yo Gabba Gabba (come on, it has the funniest songs)

5. um, ER. I have it on dvd. Oh Dr Ross:)

6.Ponderland. I love Russell hehe

7. Desperate Housewives (we just saw Edie die)

8. Dr Phil (except the octomom stories, she sucks)

Although I love BEING tagged i am awful at TAGGING. So, if you haven't done this DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!! that is….if you want:)


Stone Fox said...

there's a party in my tummy!! yo gabba, yo gabba!!

finally got around to smartie cookies, they were fantastic!! (i burnt the first batch but the second came out great - i don't use self rising flour so i had to adjust and add baking soda and salt). i have been eating myself silly on those cookies today. i will pay for it tomorrow, i'm sure. thanks so much for the recipe.

Jennifer W. said...

First of all-LOVE the new pics!! Second-Britney Spears?? Cracking up!! I might be a bit fascinated too, BTW.
Third-Go to you tube and watch the trailer for New Moon NOW. It's SOOOOO good.
Fourth-If you come visit Kimber, you'll have to swing by here-she's just the next state over!!
Fifth-LOVE me some Dr. Ross-OMGosh!! And Yo Gabba, gabba would not be up there with my favorites, but we certainly watch it!! :)
Thanks for playing along!! It's fun to get to know everyone better!
(still curious about your 'something special!)

Drahdrah said...

I think you already take gorgeous pictures. The one at the top of your blog is awesome. It's almost impossible to get 5 people (let alone children) to sit still long enough to get a nice shot, and you've done it beautifully !

Foursons said...

OK, what is a fortnite? Is that $360 american dollars? I don't know what currency you use there. How long does that amount of food last, I guess the answer to my first question my answer this one too.

Melissa said...

Could you do a post with Aussie-American translations? I assume a trolley is the same as a shopping cart, but what is a fortnite?

ER is one of my favorite shows. So sad that it ended! And *ahem*..Dr. Carter or Dr. Kovac for me, thank you! hehe