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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is how we roll


At Christmas time that is :)

We count down the days with our teddy calendar

* when I was a kid that bear used to frustrate me sooo much- Christmas is  right there !*


We leave the obligatory snack out for Santa ( this is the first year for a while that we haven't given him beer- Jai wouldn't allow it !)

santa snack

We end up with an obscene present pile


We ( well  not me but everyone else) actually slept in – until 6:30am… and someone was very happy with the fact Santa left a ‘big, huge gun and a small holding gun’ just like he had asked.


In fact, everyone was hugely happy with what Santa had left. Well, almost everyone.


Some people are never satisfied


*actually, the huge tantrum was over the fact that mean mummy turned Ice Age off*

…..Of course, there is many pictures but mum has been forbidden to use them due to bedhair in many shots *cough*girls*cough*…..

And we had the cutest reindeer imaginable


*for once I  put my camera away and just enjoyed the day- well when I wasnt cooking or cleaning or trying to control my crazy brother and crazier kids*

So, that was our Christmas. Now Im looking forward to just waiting for the bean! I know it seems crazy but by the time Christmas is all over I am SO sick of SHOPPING!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It has been hot hot hot, hence the wearing of just underwear


The girls have been getting along surprisingly well


My bean belly ( 30 weeks and 3 days!!) is growing


We are greeted by the cutest face whenever we go outside

(we finally have Frodo home!)


I am just about to catch up on some blog reading- will post our Christmas photos later too!

*my new years resolution- to blog more!! *

Monday, December 14, 2009

A long overdue post…ive missed you so much!

Well, ill start by saying, hello strangers! I have been missing stalking your blogs you! Also, if you have somewhere to be, be warned this is a loooong post! I owed you one!

It has been really really really really really hot here. I mean, hot. And our air conditioner broke.

And we lost our much loved Chuppy.


Either from snakebite or a heat induced heart attack. We don't know. It was very fast, and a big shock. He was only 3.

So i have been feeling really shall we say, crapola. Its just too hot, and we have been so busy, i just feel overwhelmed. And drained. Hubby has gone back to Monday to Thursday nights, i am so glad he has steady work again (well, until he finishes in 6 days then we will have to see what happens) but it means i am having to do a lot of ‘stuff’ you know, everyday stuff, shopping for food for 7 hungry mouths (I'm hungry too!) Christmas shopping, (i have about 10 presents left to buy) all the end of year school stuff ( today is officially the first day of school holidays here) etc etc. So I am feeling very tired and unmotivated.

BUT, in bean news , I had a hospital appointment, and an ultrasound, and everything seems fine. They cant find any reason for the bleeding, but beanie girl is growing fine (even though I've only put on a total of 2.1kgs- i was tiny compared to all the other women at the hospital)) and all her measurements are good. And….. we made it to 28 weeks!! Officially into the 3rd and final trimester!! I marked the occasion by packing my hospital bag , so all ready to go, heres hoping bean stays put at least another 10 weeks!


Hmmm, what else has been happening? Well,

I get my camera back this weekend!! I am so excited,  and cant wait to bombard you with photos!

Cara graduated primary school, now I am the mother of a high schooler! She was unimpressed, more impressed with the fact she was allowed to dye her hair for the occasion.

Dakota has been selected as one of next years ‘school leaders’. I was so so proud of her!

Rani turned 8, and i made a pastel rainbow cake……. and have no camera! I dug out the old fuji, and will post some pics of half eaten cake soon. ( It has been so hot, i got up at 4am to start the cake- the only time it is even mildly cool!) Rani asked for , and received, the present i spent a month trying to buy last Christmas (sold out everywhere), the Fish Bank. She has saved over $50 already!

Jai had a day at school, to prepare for next year. He looked so cute in his uniform, i almost cried. My 1st baby boy, grew up so fast!


And the fatboy? Or the not-so-fatboy? (We have kind of switched to Lou-Lou) Well, he is still adorable, still in love with his mummy, and toilet training!  Going really well, my big boy! Still dont know how he will take the newest addition. It will be interesting, since he still likes to go to sleep with his arms around my neck!

And this??



This is what happens when  it hasnt rained for about 6 weeks during a heatwave!

Monday, November 30, 2009

photos… its been a while…Ive missed you!


seaworld 010

seaworld 020

seaworld 032

seaworld 059

seaworld 061



With the public health system. Having my apparently non-urgent ultrasound pushed back to tomorrow. Frustration. With doctors who are unconcerned. With bed rest orders, then ‘don't bother’ instructions.

However…. i finally saw a doctor who told me something! She explained that the risk now (apart from premature labour) is that the baby will not have enough room to grow properly. ( this fact, together with the fact I've put on exactly one  and a half kgs -at 26 weeks- scares me a little) So they will finally (after me in tears)  do another ultrasound to check the hematoma, and beans growth. They are also doing blood tests to check how much blood i have actually lost.

I was all set to write a huge happy blog last week. After my bed rest was lifted ( as it was making no difference at all), and an ultrasound and blood tests  scheduled, I was feeling great. Had a big week, Jais godfather visited and we went to SeaWorld, and the beach and Britney Spears ( soooo bad, it was great haha… the lip syncing, the huge delays, the awful dancing, just great!) , then Thursday, I hit the wall, and have slept for the last 3 days.

I will update tomorrow night after ultrasound and blood tests. Beanie has made it past 26 weeks, and although i am still bleeding, and I'm thinking anaemic, she is such a strong little girlie, always kicking me. Go hard baby girl, only 13 weeks to go:) I am currently swinging from hugely confident to massively depressed. Hence my erratic blogging, and total lack of commenting. I miss all your blogs, and i hope after beanie arrives safe and sound, i can get back into the swing of things:)

will post some photos later, finally put my baby in to be fixed * remember when Rani stood on my beloved camera and broke the screen?* he will be ready in 2 weeks (and much cheaper than I thought), I cant wait, finally some good news!

Its beginning to feel like Christmas around here… Jai asks every single morning, “is it Christmas now?'” It will be  along 25 days…


Sunday, November 22, 2009

The view

from bedrest –when I can- is reassuring.


I should have updated you before now, but i really dont know anything!

I am frustrated

and cranky

do not want to blog

or take pictures (major for me)

or answer the phone

or talk to people

or doctors

or deal with this.

Me and beanie have been to hospital, where they said I was not bleeding anymore, but come back if it starts again. I WAS still bleeding, and haven't stopped!

They would not do an ultrasound

‘maybe Monday’

Back to the hospital in the morning, no more GP for me, its all hospital appointments.

I am so scared.

We made 25 weeks beanie girl, just stay put for a few more please.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I feel so weak and worn out.

I have been lying around all day.

Its hot, really hot.

Hubby is at work.

The house looks like a bomb has hit it.

The bleeding is getting worse.

I have a doctors appointment first thing in the morning.

I am scared.

Beanie is still kicking away.

That is good.

I am still waking up to be sick.

That is good too.

I have made 24 weeks, so beanie would survive if the worst happened.

That is amazing!

Back tomorrow xxx

Monday, November 16, 2009


Missing in action. That's me. Complete failure at the whole ‘post every day for 30 days’.

Hanging over my head has been the doctors warning- ‘the only risk is between 24 and 31 weeks,of premature labour’

I have had no bleeding since week 19 and a bit.

Reached 24 weeks on Saturday.

Tonight, the bleeding has started again. Right on cue.

It is not a great time for us, with Christmas and the new school year coming up, hubbys hours have been halved.

I am tired of always worrying.

About Beanie. About money. About Christmas and having 4 kids in school next year and how we will manage. About hubbys job. About the fact that right now, i feel as tired as i can remember being, and its only going to be worse when bean arrives. Will i cope?Will I ever actually be a photographer, or is it just an insane dream?

I am tired.

I am sick of whinging.

I just want to be able to relax again.

I will make a doctors appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its my blog and ill sook if I want to

*praying for Stellan and MckMama *

Do you know what sook means?

Spent the majority of today like this


for no apparent reason. Aaaah , hormones…

A new perspective

Fine. Ill admit it. I suck at posting. 


But, technically, it doesn't say, 1 post per day. So, I may be cheating, but I'm doing my best,haha.



Can you guess what Im doing? :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fatboys (belated) 2nd birthday pictures.











4th 016

*in case you cant tell, when everyone started singing Happy Birthday, Fatboy started crying*

Letters Of Intent


Courtesy of Julie….

Dear sons,

You know the roll of toilet paper does not GO IN the toilet right? So, why am I repeatedly pulling soggy almost full rolls out? Its bad enough we buy the giant economy sized packs- that I am yet to EVER see anyone else buying at our local grocery shop- but now I have to go get MORE!

And you know, when you get up at 5am, maybe you could just watch cartoons or eat breakfast, as opposed to having complicated,prolonged,noisy car races.

I get the whole obsession with bugs thing, you being boys and all, but forgive me if i do not appreciate a cockroach or a spider being shoved in my face while I sleep.

If you didn't eat in my bed, that would be great too.

On the other hand, you two boys crack me up everyday. And your love for each other makes me so happy!

*oh,before I forget,pee goes IN the bowl. Just in case you didn't know.

Love you boys so so much

Love mummy.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things to come…



what it will be like

washing 11

when there is another one


to fold clothes for…


*yes I promised birthday pictures. But this is what I spent all day doing, so birthday pictures will wait until the weekend*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Fatboys birthday started at 3:48AM!!!! So he had a grouchy,whingy birthday, and fell asleep before we got to the cake. We still love you little man, but now we are (all) going to bed! 

Oh, and see the sweat-beads on his nose? It was SO hot here today, I am not looking forward to summer,especially since I will be hippo-sized.*ok I just googled this- It was 36 degrees here today,which is about 96.8 degrees for you guys. Hot. And only going to get hotter.We are in the 3rd month of spring,summers going to be  a killer!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The last night….

That The Fatboy is one….

So much has happened since his 1st birthday!

This will be

The last year he is the baby

The last year he is not a big brother

(he will be an awesome big brother!)


So hard to believe!  Goodnight my sweet one year old. You make me smile every day:)

luka 013

luka 051



(also so hard to believe? That I will soon have another baby that teeny!)