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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is how we roll


At Christmas time that is :)

We count down the days with our teddy calendar

* when I was a kid that bear used to frustrate me sooo much- Christmas is  right there !*


We leave the obligatory snack out for Santa ( this is the first year for a while that we haven't given him beer- Jai wouldn't allow it !)

santa snack

We end up with an obscene present pile


We ( well  not me but everyone else) actually slept in – until 6:30am… and someone was very happy with the fact Santa left a ‘big, huge gun and a small holding gun’ just like he had asked.


In fact, everyone was hugely happy with what Santa had left. Well, almost everyone.


Some people are never satisfied


*actually, the huge tantrum was over the fact that mean mummy turned Ice Age off*

…..Of course, there is many pictures but mum has been forbidden to use them due to bedhair in many shots *cough*girls*cough*…..

And we had the cutest reindeer imaginable


*for once I  put my camera away and just enjoyed the day- well when I wasnt cooking or cleaning or trying to control my crazy brother and crazier kids*

So, that was our Christmas. Now Im looking forward to just waiting for the bean! I know it seems crazy but by the time Christmas is all over I am SO sick of SHOPPING!!