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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The last few months

You know, I used to think I had a handle on it. But boy oh boy, six kids are hard to keep track of :) So, the end of this year, Christmas included was crazily unorganised for me. But hey, it all got done in the end.

November was Lukas 3rd birthday. I suppose the fact he doestnt cry at Happy Birthday means he is growing up. Obsessed with Toy story and Ben 10, I think he liked his birthday present….


Or maybe not…


( just kidding. Thats the ‘angry face’. He loved his police car)

We started December with school concerts in the church hall, end of year break-ups, and another disappointing raffle (19 prizes and we didnt win one!!!)

I continued to dress Eden in all things pink and frilly.



And she retaliated by learning to crawl (just in time to destroy the Christmas tree- which by the way is BLACK oooh new tree and I loved it!!)




Hey, shes learning! And…..


Whats that you can see (apart from the ‘thats enough photos’ face?)


Yep, its teeth! Two teeny tiny perfect pearly white baby teeth.

* so, while I am here, and also, posting her birth story soon ( she will be one in just a few weeks!) a health update.

Eden is finally caught up on her immunizations (she was delayed because of a chest infection when she was due for her 4 month needles) She is just over 16 pounds, which is low (off the scale my tiny monkey!) but steadily gaining. The doctor is referring us to a paediatrician at her next visit (12 months) just to check out her weight and development.

Eden also sees a physiotherapist every 6 weeks, she is doing well, reaching all her milestones (she only had trouble with rolling) and she has another appointment in two weeks.

She also sees the hospital doctors once a year until she is 5, she has another appointment in February.*

And then, Christmas! An all time grand total of 19 people fed! And about 1200 photos haha. Edens first Christmas. The kids all were spoilt rotten again, and Luka terrified of Santa, but all in all it was a great day, spent with family and friends, surrounded by children, and a ute load of rubbish!

So, late as usual, but 

kids 086

Merry  Christmas and Happy New Year

love from everyone at Chapman Crazyhouse xxx

( the crazyhouse also now includes a bird, 2 blue-tongue lizards and soon, something little and fluffy!!)

**as promised, next year I shall return with a vengance! I cant wait to catch up with my over-the-ocean mates ( Kimber watch your mailbox my lovely!) **

A boys gotta do

When its the start of summer,

and stinking hot,

then it starts to storm,

a boys gotta do,

the only thing there is to do.

Whats that you ask?

Why, jump on the trampoline ,

in your underwear,

of course.

boysgotta1 What?


Youve never tried it?




Luka fully recommends it!


*the haircut however- i fondly call it the ‘Barney Rubble’- is endorsed by no one in the family. Both boys had killer mohawks, then in the next school newsletter there was a note, “ Mohawks and similar haircuts are not permitted at school… blah blah blah ( yes i know its a wild haircut but come on, Jai is in PREP, and hes a good boy, and we only spiked it up once) so we just let them grow them out, hence the ‘Barney Rubble’… Not a good look, but I still reckon he pulls it off:)

My glorious riot of colour

(12 December 2010)

I am by no means a green thumb. Far from it. In fact, i may have invented the term ‘brown thumb’ just for myself. I kill plants. I dont know how, but no matter how hard i try, I kill them. (Luckily for us, Rani is in charge of the veggie patch). So, you will understand how surprised I was when this popped up in the garden.


Even more surprisingly. I didnt plant it.


When it first appeared , i thought it was a weed. Really. Well, come on, like i said, I didnt plant it.

Then it flowered. In September.

I looked at it, and the words ‘glorious riot’  just popped into my head.


I thought about it.

Then it hit me.

My glorious riot of colour had appeared right where we buried my precious son. My precious son, who would have turned one in September.

spectacular riot2

And now I am becoming a , dare I say it, a green thumb. The garden is weed free and thriving,

and  when I am near my glorious riot of colour, I swear I can feel him.

Pulling weeds out from between the flowers feels like I am finally getting to take care of my third son, the son I missed out on.

I know he  sent us Eden, to help us heal, and you know what?

I think that this little bush represents everything my son could have been.


A spectacular, glorious riot.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


with my almost 11 month old….


And yes, i promised to blog more, and i will. But this year truly was about soaking up this girl.


This beautiful angel. I feel so blessed each and everytime i look at her. edennov

Two teeth,crawling,getting into stuff,still a mamas girl.16 pounds!!!

I miss you guys,i really do. I mean, i really miss you! And next year, I shall return with a vengence.

But for now, its all about them


And her….