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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A boys gotta do

When its the start of summer,

and stinking hot,

then it starts to storm,

a boys gotta do,

the only thing there is to do.

Whats that you ask?

Why, jump on the trampoline ,

in your underwear,

of course.

boysgotta1 What?


Youve never tried it?




Luka fully recommends it!


*the haircut however- i fondly call it the ‘Barney Rubble’- is endorsed by no one in the family. Both boys had killer mohawks, then in the next school newsletter there was a note, “ Mohawks and similar haircuts are not permitted at school… blah blah blah ( yes i know its a wild haircut but come on, Jai is in PREP, and hes a good boy, and we only spiked it up once) so we just let them grow them out, hence the ‘Barney Rubble’… Not a good look, but I still reckon he pulls it off:)