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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Youre jealous, admit it

I am double jointed, and can still do a perfect cartwheel...plus, i make beautiful people...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Under 8s day, but it was me who was excited by the goo….

The kids were , on the other hand, unimpressed.

Necklaces made of chips and cereal, at 9am, on the other handfoodnecklace


are delicious!

We painted,made chickens,planted beans, blew bubblesranibubbles1check out that blurry background-yep- I read MckMamas photo tips too! 

And I discovered Jai is no longer afraid of giant animals…jainkoala

Any way, to the moment youve all been waiting for…. lukawow

Tim Tams!!! Name one or both of these pictures, ill send 2 lucky people (express post) 2 packets of Tim Tams, whichever flavour you want! Just write your title in the comments section!


And the other?


And you are disqualified if you title either picture ‘ At least its not another picture of Lukas Legs’ :)

I also considered this picture,kids1

But it was more of ‘See if you can tell what Caras thinking?’ Otherwise, a lovely picture, and look theres my car in the background,yes it does say ‘Bite me,Ford boy’ on the back…Im a Holden girl! So there you go, now you know what i drive!

Which brings me to… now that i have 38 followers ( happy dance) what do you want me to blog about? More (or less) pictures, do you want to see my house ( id have to clean first),more girls( the boys tend to get more ‘bloggy stuff’ cos they are more cooperative with pictures etc, as documented by Cara above), more Aussie food ( sorry Susan), or should i just be quiet ( well i wont be anyway,haha)

Have fun ‘titleing’ and thinking of Tim Tams ( i like the classic dark myself,mmmmm)…..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

World, meet Fairy Bread

Okay. When I heard that other countries don't know what fairy bread is, i took it upon myself to inform you. Thus, this blog post. Now don't get me wrong, this IS NOT i repeat NOT a ‘this is how we eat super healthy’ kind of a post. We try and eat –fairly- healthily  although we aint no vegetarians ( my husband works at an abattoir, and regularly brings home big BAGS of MEAT- and its as gross as it sounds) but i feed the kids lots of veggies and fresh fruit,see,here's what we had for dinner last night


lamb stew,with potatoes,corn and carrot…So there, photographic proof we don't ALWAYS eat crap.

Anyway,I digress. Fairy Bread. Well, first, think parties. Kids parties.

1. Take a loaf of white bread (it has to be white, you cannot make fairy bread on multigrain)

2. Butter, or margarine (do you have margarine?) 1 side of the bread.

3. Take your 100’s & 1000’s 100sn1000s -ok i actually got on the internet to research this – I think you call them ‘jimmies’ but we call them 100’s & 1000’s. It has to be the round, coloured variety anyway, fairy bread with the log kind of sprinkles is inferior, in my opinion- and sprinkle liberally onto the buttered bread.

4. Cut into triangles – it has to be triangles, i don't know why,but it always is- and enjoy what you've been missing!

Now , i know what you are thinking. What kind of party food is that. And the answer? The party food of every Aussie kid everywhere! 


And because i am so chuffed at having 35  followers, ( cue happy dance here-its kind of a take on my daughters ‘banana,banana’ dance-) I'm going to tell you about another hidden Aussie gem. The Tim Tam. A biscuit like no other.


1. you will need a coffee and a packet of Tim Tams

2. Bite the opposite corners off the biscuit.

3. put 1 end of the biscuit in the coffee, and suck the coffee up through the biscuit.

4. Quickly, shuv it all in your mouth as it dissolves into a chocolaty,coffee-y, delightful mess

Because I cant stand the thought of people actually not knowing about this oh-so-yummy indulgence, Im going to express post  you some Tim Tams. Ill post a name that photo comp over the weekend and send the winner 2 packets of  Tim Tams. You can even choose your flavour. Click above and have a look!

Wow, that was a mammoth blog. But i feel it is my duty to share our Australian cuisine with other people – grin-

Now, surely you've heard of lamingtons,pavlova and meat pies?



oh, a few people want to know where i get The Fatguys clothes. Mostly Rockyourbaby , and I love internet shopping, Babys got Style is great and I just found CradleRock that has awesome clothes. Ebay is great too of course, and garage sales, and op-shops! I have a cheeky sense of humour ( as maybe you could tell by Lukas ‘Hung Like A 3 Year old’ suit) and my boys are the funkiest little men around:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama

I am definitely not a cheapskate and am not guilty of cutting the boys hair myself. I did not give Jai a mohawk at his request and I was not weepy at the sight of Luka looking like a little boy instead of my baby


( i dont think Jai looks totally adorably troublesome in this picture) and  I am  not missing his high pitched constant chatter more than I can bear

And since I appreciate every second of alone time, I was not desperately missing my babies over the weekend. And i certainly did not prod Luka awake at any stage!Nor was I thinking, ‘hmmm maybe I should have another baby’ because that would be CRAZY

wouldn't it?

We did not have a FROG inside last night, i certainly do not have a phobia of frogs, and never worry about their unpredictable jumping…its not like it would just JUMP ON ME

would it?

Alone with Luka today, I did not trail after him as he played in the yard,and i did not play a rousing game of ‘lets throw the hotwheels in this hole,then pretend we have lost them ’  for 20 minutes


And when Luka stood in the prickle patch, I  took photos because he looked so damn cute picking them out   definitely did NOT take pictureslukaprickle1lukaprickles2lukaprickles3

What sort of a mother would do that???

I do not need to seriously fix my nail polish, and am not cursing applying BLACK nail polish on a whimmumlukaholdhands

and I am not hoping that Luka never stops wanting to hold my hand ,chipped polish or not…

Oh, and 31  followers!!!

I do not feel like this:)


oh who am i kidding, YES I DO!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Picture Sunday

Visit Whosays8isenough to play along… The theme is  Summertime,summertime… this is my 1st baby picture sunday, i knew i had to play because I immediately thought of last summer, our holiday on an island!!




That was Tangalooma our beautiful Island holiday spot. that was the 1st time I had a decent camera, my old fuji, and i must have taken about 800 photos! Luka was about 7 months old, just crawling, so he ate a fair bit of sand. Cant wait to go again!

Random Picture Challenge

Courtesy of 4littlemen&girlytwins 

16th picture folder,28th picture


August 2008, 28th picture


Awww all these random picture challenges are making me nothing but clucky. My little Fatguy last year, loving those strawberries. They and watermelon are his favourite fruit.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lonely, or, insane for wasting precious alone time…

So, this happens rarely. 4/5 kids are at sleepovers/birthday parties etc. You would think i would ENJOY the quiet. And i do…for about 5 minutes.Then I'm lonely. The only one here is my sweet butterball babe, who is looking like a little boy after his haircut,


and he is sleeping zzzzzzzzzzz


There is no mohawked by demand boy herejaimohawk1

to terrorize us with his Hulk impersonations and dozens of hotwheels races…and while these moments without him  may be preparing (mummy) for Jai going to school next year, i miss him already!

There is no cheeky Rani, loud loud Dakota stories, or surly pre-teen Cara. And I miss them.

So call me what you will, but when all my babies are not here, it feels like something is missing…

Ill always prefer this…


Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday….and Friday

Wow. I have just watched Mckmamas  tv piece. I love her blog, and photos, but  the thing i admire the most is her STRENGTH. She is an amazing woman.

I have been fiddling around with my blog, its an old photo, but one of my favourites!Id like to change more, and may have to rope  my sisters ‘friend’ into helping me!

It was a really really rainy day yesterday. So much so, hubby and the boys and I drove through a river-well,kinda, and the girls were bussed home from school. But, aside from a few miserable dogs, everything was fine. And its stopped raining,for now.  So , girls back at school, we took the boys on a marathon drive to check out the dam. First things first, get rid of those pelicans.wivenhoe21


‘I chased ‘em off mum’

Well done Jai, it was probably those giant rocks you were throwingwivenhoe35

after some rock throwing-we were the only people there- we went up to the park before going home,where Luka worked on his ‘uh-oh face’lukauhoh And due to mummy being very very tired and going to bed at 7pm,but lets not go there, it became


Home with the boys day.All the girls at school day.Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing , dusting day. Watching the boys ‘help’ day.  Mediating between 2 toy-possessive boys day.


  Hide and Seek day. Rescuing Luka from the wardrobe where is is ‘playing’ (assures Jai) day.Making food for the weekend for 5 hungry mouths day.  Wiping grubby faces of taste testers day.


Playing marathon games of Hotwheels day. Cleaning up 4000 Hotwheels day.Re-enacting the entire Speed Racer movie day. Babylegs day! (naturally)


My loving my  boys day:)


…and i am super late with all my comments. Ill catch up tonight,providing i dont go to sleep at 7pm again!…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday,or, Strike,strike,strike!

Yep, its a teacher strike. Which means my beloved 5 children are all home with me-hubby at work. AND its raining,which means my beloved 5 children are cooped up and going stir crazy inside trying to occupy themselves.  Luka is snotty and feverish and miserable,and has been calling ‘muuuum’  all day in a whiny but adorable voice:) Cleaning the turtle tank occupied us for about half an hour.


Im sure Stanley,Percy and Gary appreciate their clean tank,but they had to put up with Jai and Luka ‘turtlesitting’ them, which must have been terrifying!


And yes,I realise the boys are still in their pjs and my turtles have odd names. They apparently play with cars too


Yesterday I went to mums to get a few shots of the boys. Luka co-operated quite nicely-without being covered in  dog slobber this time-


but i think he needs a haircut…bad…


And there was a few nice shots of the boys, this is my favourite,though not for the reasons you may think…boysoutside2

Luka is kindly informing me he needs a nappy change,wasnt it a happy day when he learnt to say ‘pooooooo’ accompanied by hands waving at his nose. And even though this picture –probably-  wont go into a frame, i love the fact that i have got a record of so many of his funny little ways!

Since you have all seen our dogs,in previous posts, and now the turtles –they are Macquarie Short necked Turtles- here is our other baby, 18 month old Frodo, our dwarf Miniature Shetland. Luka and Frodo love each other so much, and at 42cms, Frodo is the perfect size!


even for riding-check out the knee grip, my awesome little horseman!


Speaking of Luka , my whiny,snotty,hot son is up after a 5 second nap….



Coming my son!