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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random picture challenge,or, Life is Crazy

That it is. Crazy. Sometimes I have such a sense of déjà-vu , like, didn't I just do this 10 minutes ago. You know WHY it feels like déjà-vu?? Because I DID do those things 10 minutes ago. And sometimes its so frustrating it brings me to tears, but then Luka will run up and attach his chubby little self to my leg, or Jai will come up with another hilarious word or saying ( the latest ? All swimming lesson he wanted his ‘gubbles’ put back on) ,or the girls will do something thoughtful, or someone says ‘your kids are so well behaved’ ( well, sometimes, but they are good in public so that's the main thing) and i know in my heart that i would never want to do anything else except stay home with my babies. And just so you know, I started this post yesterday morning! Its taken me 24 hours to write  a paragraph!!

Anyway, back to business… Random picture challenge courtesy of 4littlemen&girlytwins   9th picture folder or September 2008, 18th picture…  


Daddy and the boys! Check out Jai’s shaggy hair, I was trying to grow it out, but Daddy got sick of him looking like a chimp and shaved it while I was grocery shopping one day! Awww my little Fatguy, I wish I could still squeeze him into those overalls:)

Up to 20 followers, I am one happy chappy:) I have a post scheduled for tomorrow and am planning on annoying my kids A LOT  today, for photos, I'm sure they will be so happy to hear that,they really hate and i have to bribe them to co-operate love mummy's  photo taking!


Rush Family said...

up to 22 followers now :)

thanks for your comment.

noticed you follow Micropreemie Trey. I am the "blogger" for his parents :)

Jarka said...

aaaw ...more photos!!! that will be great :D
this one is really cute ...

Foursons said...

Man, I need to use your method for getting more followers!