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Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday….and Friday

Wow. I have just watched Mckmamas  tv piece. I love her blog, and photos, but  the thing i admire the most is her STRENGTH. She is an amazing woman.

I have been fiddling around with my blog, its an old photo, but one of my favourites!Id like to change more, and may have to rope  my sisters ‘friend’ into helping me!

It was a really really rainy day yesterday. So much so, hubby and the boys and I drove through a river-well,kinda, and the girls were bussed home from school. But, aside from a few miserable dogs, everything was fine. And its stopped raining,for now.  So , girls back at school, we took the boys on a marathon drive to check out the dam. First things first, get rid of those pelicans.wivenhoe21


‘I chased ‘em off mum’

Well done Jai, it was probably those giant rocks you were throwingwivenhoe35

after some rock throwing-we were the only people there- we went up to the park before going home,where Luka worked on his ‘uh-oh face’lukauhoh And due to mummy being very very tired and going to bed at 7pm,but lets not go there, it became


Home with the boys day.All the girls at school day.Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing , dusting day. Watching the boys ‘help’ day.  Mediating between 2 toy-possessive boys day.


  Hide and Seek day. Rescuing Luka from the wardrobe where is is ‘playing’ (assures Jai) day.Making food for the weekend for 5 hungry mouths day.  Wiping grubby faces of taste testers day.


Playing marathon games of Hotwheels day. Cleaning up 4000 Hotwheels day.Re-enacting the entire Speed Racer movie day. Babylegs day! (naturally)


My loving my  boys day:)


…and i am super late with all my comments. Ill catch up tonight,providing i dont go to sleep at 7pm again!…


Foursons said...

I love your day in pictures posts. They are always so cute! I especially like the uh-oh face and the little legs. Have a great holiday weekend!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh my! Those Baby Legs are too much! I love them. Great pics my dear. I like the pelicans! I can't imagine chasing them off. But, I imagine they are like our geese!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I love all your pics. They totally make you feel like you were there. Your boys are so cute..and I am so in love with baby legs. Perhaps we gotta get some:)
Luv the uh-oh face....
and do show pics of the baby sling you make. I am so curious to see it. AND I so NEED tons of luck with my bonnets..I have not used the sewing machine in a while....lol
Have a great weekend!