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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sum up of the last 3 weeks

where to begin?  Well, everyone was sick…


lukasnotface2but we were still having fun…

claydudes01then Jai (of course) busted his teeth on the trampoline  trying to Superman flip-does he even flip??


so we went to hospital,then the dentist,now Jai has 3 less teethjaitrampteethday2but still flips on the trampoline.

Its been foggy, very scary on a drive to the shop-yep im a wuss.morningfog2so,almost back to normal…then Luka gets a black eye,courtesy of Jais forehead  …lukashiner1

he is angrylukatanty2

Cara ran 3kms, ending in tears, but 6th!! caracrosscountry15 

Chuppy was not phased by the goings onchuppyrun5

when the many children felt better, we went and watched the fireworks at the local show,where we were disappointed to find all our girls schoolwork  already packed up for the –wait for it- weekly folk dance…oh well…


Jai started swimming lessons


and i enjoyed watching my brother squirming in pain as he started his tattoo


making me remember my tattoo,those teeny baby feet forever on my belly where he kicked me,uh-oh,clucky again-or should it be still


So there it is, a summary of the last 3 weeks. In pictures.


Kirsten said...

Oh, your tattoo is just gorgeous!

Looks like your house has been in the wars!

susanc said...

I may just be swayed into a tattoo with that one...so cute!!