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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If I was writing Not Me Monday today, I would have to start with- I did not turn the computer on at 5.15 to check my blogspot,and certainly didnt do a little happy dance at my 17 followers:)         this is how I feel…


Anyway, the day started at 5.45am, whoo hoo a sleep in!  Not I am not being sarcastic, if Luka and I miss sunrise, I consider it a sleep in.Of course, Luka gets to nap,as he is now, Mummy has no such pleasures.

The girls actually were ready this morning BEFORE the bus went past, with a minimum amount of arguing. It is beyond me how they have 2 hours to get dressed,eat and do their hair, and its STILL not long enough. And they are only 12,10 and 7. What will it be like in 5 years?! There is already BOYS hanging around the house in the afternoons. Luckily they are still in the lanky, skinny, non-threatening stage . Next year - high school - ill worry.  


Ok Ill admit I am not THAT exciting. But  even  I thought  I was being stupid over how excited I was to be MckMamas 1st commenter- and then i typed too slowly and had to settle for #2! I have been reading blogs today,I made sure I got all the cleaning done early so I could;) I mean how many is too many (blogs to follow) ?? I love  stalking being allowed to have a glimpse into your lives, and I hope you enjoy looking at ours too!

Luka insisted on wearing his shoes the minute he got up, and would not take them off until bathtime. So today it was a day of looking at Lukas imploring face and listening to  ‘Uh-oh  . Stuck. Shoes ’ Meaning of course, ‘Please Mummy would you be a dear and retie my shoelaces,they seem to have undone again.I'm sure its not from my constant yanking on them’  Of course Buddha babe,anything you wish . And just to let you know,when we finally got the shoes off  his feet smelled . Bad. Despite the socks.Really.Really.Bad!! 



So, anyway,just to remind you, having 17 followers makes me feel like this ….



Foursons said...

Make it 18! Woohoo!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Great post..luv it..
He is too cute your Buddha babe...
PS I love having a glimpse into your life:)
Congratz on your growing following!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

How cute are they!?!
I love glimpsing in people's lives as well. It is so fun!

Jarka said...

:) cute photos...I´m happy to be one of your followers - it´s such a honor :) :D I´s so amazing to share our lives with the whole world :)
have a great day and looong night sleep :)

Together We Save said...

Sweet photos.