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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama  ….

Since my 4 year old son has perfect table manners, I   did not have any reason to say ‘Jai, is that jelly up your nose?

Because my baby is well adjusted and not a clingy mumas boy at all,I  am not constantly dangling Luka in mid-air, saying in my best pleading voice ‘ put your legs down now please baby’  while he does his best to cling on with those little monkey legs

And since he has a immense understanding of hygiene,I did not have to persuade him NOT to investigate the dogs ‘bits’, or drink from the dogs water bowl.And he did  not proceed to tip said bowl of water all over himself.

I have not been up for 3 hourly feeds again- the boy is almost 2,that would be insane!Its not like he uses me as his comfort object or anything. And I certainly wouldn't secretly like it!

I did not spend Mothers Day night watching scary movies, and i did not chicken out after hubby went to bed and i am definitely NOT most creeped out by evil-kid movies.After all, its only a movie,its not like there's people really coming to get me- ‘aarrrgh what was that noise??’

And lastly, I do not secretly desire to have the same amount of followers  and commenter's  as MckMama! that would be ridiculous….oooh  up to 14 only about 3000 to go….

And Im definitely not going to finish this post with a picture of Luka , (and his gorgeous eyes,you can see the brown stripe) , just cos i wanna… 



susanc said...

cool....you aren't the only mckmamma follower who has a mild case of blog envy ;)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Great post.
Love the picture of your boy and his striped eyes..
They are gorgeous..
as are all your kiddies..
Hope you had a blessed Mother's day..and I am with you..I would give my right arm(well, maybe not the whole arm..cause it seems I need it.but, my left pinky..lol..)just to get ONE WHOLE NIGHT OF SLEEP!!!

MommaD said...

following you, and ur 5 buggers, now...add one to the count!

hadassahrose said...

Your children are beautiful (all of them)! :)

(found your blog through MckMama's)

Jarka said...

cuuute photo and really funny post...I especially love that "jelly up your nose" part :D

Kristi said...

yea I suck at sleep training too, hate to hear them cry. My four year old still gets up more than he sleeps through LOL.

See you around McMama's


Pink Slippers said...

Just found your blog via Not me Monday!
Mommy to six soon to be 7!

Foursons said...

I have total MckMama blog envy too! And I only have 7 followers, you have twice as many as me!