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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading Superman by the light of a Stars Wars sword…


Yes people it can be done. You are asked to turn the light off and cant bear to put Superman down? Well, luckily for you, your trusty Stars Wars sword also doubles as a book light. Now you NEVER have to sleep and can relay all Supermans adventures to mum as she tries to sleep,(however, if you want to demonstrate the ‘bad guys’ angry facial expressions, you may have to prod her,or possibly hold her eyelids open with your fingers)…

After we saw the girls off to school, the boys and I played trains, which was all going well until Luka chucked a tantrum,then it was train throwing all round(while they were laughing their heads off)



I took my mother and grandmother to lunch today,at Hogs breath, and left the boys home with Daddy. By the time I got home all the girls were home too, and we stayed outside all afternoon,playing in the sun. 


Total of 7 kids here (mine+ 2 extras) Its always crazy, but when all the kids arent here, it feels like something is missing…


My kids always share. Look how Jai shared his sherbet with Lola:)


The monkey suit Luka wore got lots of comments- Im glad you think its as cute as i did. I dont know if its meant to be pj’s, its not a Halloween suit ( we dont ‘do’ Halloween over here ,worse luck – just gimme ANOTHER chance to dress the kids up)its just a REALLY cute monkey suit, off Ebay of course:)


Last years, ill  have to start squeezing  him into it!

And just because I LOVE to photograph Lukas legs –really ? me? go overboard on the leg shots ?  NEVER…well maybe…but only cos they are so CUTE!!



Jarka said...

great photos and really cute monkey you have there :D

Molly said...

The title of your post just made me laugh! Love the photos.

Future Mama said...

ADORABLE kids! Beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing the link with me on Facebook! I'm a new follower :)