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Thursday, May 28, 2009

World, meet Fairy Bread

Okay. When I heard that other countries don't know what fairy bread is, i took it upon myself to inform you. Thus, this blog post. Now don't get me wrong, this IS NOT i repeat NOT a ‘this is how we eat super healthy’ kind of a post. We try and eat –fairly- healthily  although we aint no vegetarians ( my husband works at an abattoir, and regularly brings home big BAGS of MEAT- and its as gross as it sounds) but i feed the kids lots of veggies and fresh fruit,see,here's what we had for dinner last night


lamb stew,with potatoes,corn and carrot…So there, photographic proof we don't ALWAYS eat crap.

Anyway,I digress. Fairy Bread. Well, first, think parties. Kids parties.

1. Take a loaf of white bread (it has to be white, you cannot make fairy bread on multigrain)

2. Butter, or margarine (do you have margarine?) 1 side of the bread.

3. Take your 100’s & 1000’s 100sn1000s -ok i actually got on the internet to research this – I think you call them ‘jimmies’ but we call them 100’s & 1000’s. It has to be the round, coloured variety anyway, fairy bread with the log kind of sprinkles is inferior, in my opinion- and sprinkle liberally onto the buttered bread.

4. Cut into triangles – it has to be triangles, i don't know why,but it always is- and enjoy what you've been missing!

Now , i know what you are thinking. What kind of party food is that. And the answer? The party food of every Aussie kid everywhere! 


And because i am so chuffed at having 35  followers, ( cue happy dance here-its kind of a take on my daughters ‘banana,banana’ dance-) I'm going to tell you about another hidden Aussie gem. The Tim Tam. A biscuit like no other.


1. you will need a coffee and a packet of Tim Tams

2. Bite the opposite corners off the biscuit.

3. put 1 end of the biscuit in the coffee, and suck the coffee up through the biscuit.

4. Quickly, shuv it all in your mouth as it dissolves into a chocolaty,coffee-y, delightful mess

Because I cant stand the thought of people actually not knowing about this oh-so-yummy indulgence, Im going to express post  you some Tim Tams. Ill post a name that photo comp over the weekend and send the winner 2 packets of  Tim Tams. You can even choose your flavour. Click above and have a look!

Wow, that was a mammoth blog. But i feel it is my duty to share our Australian cuisine with other people – grin-

Now, surely you've heard of lamingtons,pavlova and meat pies?



oh, a few people want to know where i get The Fatguys clothes. Mostly Rockyourbaby , and I love internet shopping, Babys got Style is great and I just found CradleRock that has awesome clothes. Ebay is great too of course, and garage sales, and op-shops! I have a cheeky sense of humour ( as maybe you could tell by Lukas ‘Hung Like A 3 Year old’ suit) and my boys are the funkiest little men around:)


♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

Yummy!!! I am doing all that this weekend!! Thanks for Sharing!

Foursons said...

Hmmmm...I call those little round balls "sprinkles." Ha ha ha. Maybe 'cause you sprinkle them on? Just like those things in your prickle patch I call "stickers" 'cause they stick to you. I think I just showed our intelligence here in the deep South.

A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Kimber said...

FOURSONS is speakin' my language-of the redneck South that is!

CC~ I gotta have these, so I will officially be your stalker-do not be afraid :) I'm a nice stalker
and that first pic of the lamb stuff looks SLAMMIN' I'm starving now thank you very much!

tracy said...

I had no idea about this and as a sprinkle freak? It's wonderful!

I think I might do this next time I go to the grocery store..



and huge yum


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I think that fairy bread is so neat...It looks so cool...I bet it tastes yummy too:)

♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

oh my, my kids are going to freak when I give them fairy bread. and HELLOOOO why dont we have Tim Tams here!?!?

ok, so is Vegemite good? i have always wanted to try that.

DramaCity said...

Sounds delish!! Now can you send me some??? I mean....PLEASE?

Great idea for a party...I'll have to give them a try and yes, we call them gimmies or sprinkles

susanc said...

STOP telling the Americans about our rockin' food!!

your description about fairy bread was funny, 'cause it's true...must be white bread, cut into triangles and simply must be the correct sprinkles...not the inferior sort!!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I bet the kids love the fairy bread. Cute idea.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Wow. I might just not have to fly on over and have you make it for me? Vaca, here I come!
Yes, I call them sprinkles too and the poke-ity things are either burrs or stickers.
{{All of our intelligence is in the north, don't believe Foursons or Kimber.}

kbreints said...

Oh so funny! I have never head or 'Fairy Bread' .... and I believe when you say 100's & Thousands you mean sprinkles?

Anyway-- love this post! Great to hear about differences!

Christina said...

OOH! The Fairy Bread looks like such an awesome idea! ;-) I bet your kids LOVE it!