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Friday, May 8, 2009


Hmm what should mummy blog about??

Well im not sure i have time to blog anyway


Sure mummy, you know you are addicted to blogspot!

That's true i guess

Why dont you blog  about my brother and i? Dont forget the ultra-cute picture of us!

But I ALWAYS blog about you two!Im sure people are sick of looking at you two,but, it WAS cute!


We  kept busy today, playing outside

Running away from my camera you mean


sunning our toes in the warm sun

I adore your fat baby feet and toes


Jai is not scared of the trampoline,after his accident,never mind mum hovering

Get down,Get down,oh please be careful!


just jump,jump,jump !!



Now you have to go mummy, to start baths and dinner and bedtimes.

But id much rather blog

Tough luck mummy we wont wait and are right now starting to whinge at you!

Fine ,at your service my small-and not so small anymore-children


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I have been slightly distracted and I kept waiting for you to update...and none..and then when you did..I missed them.
So, I started at the beginning and read all I missed...
Wow...what a few weeks..
your poor babe busted his teeth..
and your poor babes were sick..
Glad everything is returning to normal...
I absolutely LOVE the pictures..
You are so good at photography..
Your babes are too, too cute..
Have a Blessed Mother's Day..
and Weekend..

Juls said...

what kind of camera do you use?? I want it, your pictures are beautiful!!