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Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 Hours

No, my hand was not caught under a rock {btw, how hot is James Franco teehee} , rather, this is the amount of sleep I've had this weekend.

Why is it that kids always ALWAYS spew at 3am. Well, it started at 9pm, but there is always one at 3am too. Poor Jai, he was so sick. And I felt proud that I can clean up puddles of vomit without vomiting myself! He seems to be feeling better now, Cara has just come down with it, so that’s 2 down, 6 to go! Lots of lemonade, dirty washing and buckets lying around at the moment {and can I just say that I am getting a Hills Hoist soon and am overly excited about it- the clothes line we have now can fit 2 loads of washing on it, I have 3 loads squeezed on it , a load of blankets and towels washing now, and another pile of clothes waiting patiently. So I fully expect to love the clothesline guy as much as I love the air-conditioner dude}

I have had a few photoshoots lately. I have to say that getting a photo like this

jody edits 039

makes me really love what I'm doing! I mean, I know I don’t have backdrops or studio lighting {dream dream} but so far everyone seems to like the photos, and I'm sure ill be set up properly very soon {lusting after backdrops and those mats that look like wooden floors etc.} And I just laybyed the Canon 60D!!

Now, im going to lie down with Eden and watch a crappy movie. But heres some more pictures anywaySmile hope you had a great weekend, not involving vomit!





9th 197

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waiting on Summer

Its starting to get hot here. Not as hot as it will get, but as the days get longer and we drag the pool out of the garage, I feel summer approaching.

23-24 069

While the bigger kids finish up the school year {6 weeks to go} the babes and I drive with the air conditioning on to escape the heat, ending up at deserted parks where I can sit in the shade of giant trees and watch them run wild.

23-24 007

23-24 038


I sit there and watch them run and play and chase birds and eat dirt

23-24 022

and it makes me happy.

I hold their hands on long lazy walks to spot koalas in the gum trees, laughing when Eden wakes it up with happy squeals when she finally spots it.

23-24 032

sit with Eden in the shade, listening to birds and bugs, while Luka spends forever looking at birds.

23-24 039

And before we know it, its time to come home, and meet the kids when they get off the bus, everyone tired and hungry and hot. Time for dinner and baths and homework and real life.

And they go to bed talking about that koala.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A belated birthday post

Happy birthday Mr Ed, Fred,Freddy,Freddler,Jai Ethan.

It has been 7 years since we had our first son join our family of girls.7 years to learn about bugs, and dirt, and how high we can climb –current record-shed roof. We have learnt to identify cars at a glance, and praise people for their driving choices {at the grocery shop, to a complete stranger getting out of his hotted up Holden, ‘Nice car mate’

7 years, and I can still remember the words your daddy spoke when I told him the scan showed a boy, “Bulls*!t!!!'” lol

7 years of superheroes,and guns,and an obsession with karate.

You have been in school for 2 years, and I admit I underestimated you, and your concentration span.You love it, and are doing great! But next time when you have a magic trick due in, it might be good if you mentioned it before Friday morning.

We took you to movieworld for your birthday, showered you with lego and weaponry and a Batman castle cake.

ava-isla 164

You gave yourself the black eye

ava-isla 178


7 years and it feels like yesterday you joined us, with your little buddah face, a clone of your beloved Daddy.I love you so much Jai, my first son, big brother,little brother, Im so proud of you, and cant wait to see what you become!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Those grey hair moments

Its Jai’s 7th birthday on Tuesday. And since his godfather was here for the weekend, we took the boys, Eden and Rani, to Movieworld.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot, and started out with Jai’s dreams coming true…

movieworld 032

{he was so excited about meeting Batman, had been practicing what to say for weeks

“mum, what if I say , Batman,I’m your biggest fan?” {hysterical giggles}

And Luka? Well, his favorite is Scooby Doo. But he was a little star struck!

movieworld 042

Lots of rides, overpriced food, the kids were having a ball. Luka got chocolate ice cream all over himself,like a chocolate beard, and I was forced to take his shirt off to clean him {and Eden} up.

movieworld 123

Then, it happened. Now can I mention we had FIVE adults watching FOUR kids. I spoke the dreaded words {which I say at least 15 times a day, such is my paranoia and his love of running off}

“Where’s Luka?”

He was gone. In a theme park. We all just split up, running. I ran into a shop to see if they could get a message over the loudspeaker or something. The lovely lady asked for a description.

“3 years old, shaved head, boardshorts, no shirt, very dirty feet” – here’s the part where I start feeling like the worst mum in the world.

 No shirt!! why didn’t we bring spare clothes!! And why didn’t I make him put his shoes back on!!! And why did I let go of him AT ALL!!! {this is what I'm saying to myself in my head}

I turned around and saw Luka, perched on Nate’s shoulders. It had been about 7 minutes. And I have at least 40 new grey hairs.

{ I was so worked up –or ‘distraught’ as the shop assistant put it- that I then proceeded to panic…

“Where’s Eden???!!!!!”

I was carrying her.

Apart from that, and when Jai went to ‘look for Daddy’ and took forever to come back, it was a good day. I don’t do scary rides though. I’m just there to carry the bags while I wait for others to have rides haha.

movieworld 059


Next time, maybe I will buy one of those leash things like I've threatened in the past.

Sunday, October 9, 2011



oct 145


9th 044

That’s Queensland for you.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


oct 189

oct 231

oct 282

Friday, October 7, 2011

Six monsters

oct 096

and just because its too adorable not to share…

oct 109

{fighting to kiss Eden}

Some days

There is only time for a quick blog, a few sentences, while Eden pours Sultana Bran on the floor and Luka hijacks Cara’s television, while last nights lasagna dish soaks in the sink and washing waits in assorted baskets, while a tiny horse whinnies for food and a very annoying inside cat meows about going outside…

Today is one of those days

Thank goodness its Friday…

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She is finally starting to realize

sept 143

that the gorgeous little girl in the mirror, who never comes out no matter how much she ‘kno kno 's’ {knock-knocks}…

sept 148

and shares the same love for untying her shirt ribbons and chewing with her mouth open….

sept 147


is someone very familiar!

Sneak peek anyone?

17thsept 1654

{my favorite wedding shot}

sept 384

{Isla-14 weeks}

{my favorite photo from my shoot yesterday-look at those eyes!!!}

I am so thankful that I am starting to get work, doing something that I love!!

And even more thankful that I am finally finished editing them all!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

13 things about the Chapmans

1. Simon and I met in grade 10.And got married 6 years ago.

2. We never planned such a huge family, but love {mostly} every moment.

3. We have all embraced country living, after 10 years in town.

4. We currently have 2 turtles, a blue tongue lizard, a cat and a dwarf miniature Shetland pony, Frodo, who you might have seen a few posts ago. He has lots of health issues that require constant attention, but is happy living with us and all the kids.Rani is getting chickens for her birthday, and im thinking about a goose.

5. We own *gasp* 3 televisions. And a dvd player. And a wii and a ps3. I never said I was anti-tv hehe

6. We havent had a holiday for 2 years! Boooo!! Im trying to con Simon into going away next month, maybe a caravan park??

7. I have always been, and always will be, a stay at home mum.

8. We force insist the kids help with housework etc.Cara and Dakota can also cook a meal, which I love, because when I left home I couldn’t cook at all, and that was hard!

9.Public School. A little country public school, but public nonetheless.

10. We immunize. We don’t circumcise, its not really offered here anymore anyway, unless there is a medical reason.

12.We have taught the kids that no matter how much we all argue etc, we are a family and will always love each other, I think its unrealistic to think that you will never fight within the family.

13. We think our kids are awesome!! so so awesome!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 weeks

Of school holidays. Beginning with my first wedding shoot, and although I was nervous about being nervous, I think it went well.

17thsept 005

A loooooong day, a flat camera battery crisis averted by a friendly wedding guest, many many many photos, which I have almost finished editing!

17thsept 798

Followed by a surprise party for my beloved Nana. She was surprised all right

sept 006

And it was  nice to see everyone. My family is kind of the black sheep of the extended family. And we took up a whole table. Eden won everyone over with her squeaky shoes. And I loved being told how beautiful my family is.

sept 100

Beautiful, even when Eden does her ‘smile’

This is me with my brother and sister, and Nana and Pa. We hardly ever get photos together.I hate getting photos taken, and I’m sure Stevie was just wanting to go back to the bar!

sept 088

2 weeks has left time for many many kids to sleep over, we have had 9 or 10 kids here constantly. When we werent swimming of course

sept 132

sept 133

Or just getting soaked

sept 108

I also finished my shots for Wild Things of Noosa. Go and have a look, you might recognize a very adorable model! I am so happy with how they turned out…


Its been a nice 2 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong though,

I am soooo looking forward to school tomorrow!!

I am hoping to take Eden and Luka out for the day, maybe a walk along the koala track, a play at the park, and an icecream eaten while looking at Wivenhoe Dam. If the weather co-operates. It was just becoming gorgeous Queensland spring, but over the last few days, it has turned cold and windy again. And of course, I spent last weekend packing the winter stuff away!

Well, the vegetable garden calls. It is begging for more soil and mulch, and then it will be ready for planting! We will also be starting our straw bale gardens again soon{last years are now mixed into the veggie patch}. Luka and Jai are going nuts inside, so im going to rug them up and make them help!

Hope your last 2 weeks was as ,um, interesting as ours.