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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waiting on Summer

Its starting to get hot here. Not as hot as it will get, but as the days get longer and we drag the pool out of the garage, I feel summer approaching.

23-24 069

While the bigger kids finish up the school year {6 weeks to go} the babes and I drive with the air conditioning on to escape the heat, ending up at deserted parks where I can sit in the shade of giant trees and watch them run wild.

23-24 007

23-24 038


I sit there and watch them run and play and chase birds and eat dirt

23-24 022

and it makes me happy.

I hold their hands on long lazy walks to spot koalas in the gum trees, laughing when Eden wakes it up with happy squeals when she finally spots it.

23-24 032

sit with Eden in the shade, listening to birds and bugs, while Luka spends forever looking at birds.

23-24 039

And before we know it, its time to come home, and meet the kids when they get off the bus, everyone tired and hungry and hot. Time for dinner and baths and homework and real life.

And they go to bed talking about that koala.