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Monday, October 17, 2011

Those grey hair moments

Its Jai’s 7th birthday on Tuesday. And since his godfather was here for the weekend, we took the boys, Eden and Rani, to Movieworld.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot, and started out with Jai’s dreams coming true…

movieworld 032

{he was so excited about meeting Batman, had been practicing what to say for weeks

“mum, what if I say , Batman,I’m your biggest fan?” {hysterical giggles}

And Luka? Well, his favorite is Scooby Doo. But he was a little star struck!

movieworld 042

Lots of rides, overpriced food, the kids were having a ball. Luka got chocolate ice cream all over himself,like a chocolate beard, and I was forced to take his shirt off to clean him {and Eden} up.

movieworld 123

Then, it happened. Now can I mention we had FIVE adults watching FOUR kids. I spoke the dreaded words {which I say at least 15 times a day, such is my paranoia and his love of running off}

“Where’s Luka?”

He was gone. In a theme park. We all just split up, running. I ran into a shop to see if they could get a message over the loudspeaker or something. The lovely lady asked for a description.

“3 years old, shaved head, boardshorts, no shirt, very dirty feet” – here’s the part where I start feeling like the worst mum in the world.

 No shirt!! why didn’t we bring spare clothes!! And why didn’t I make him put his shoes back on!!! And why did I let go of him AT ALL!!! {this is what I'm saying to myself in my head}

I turned around and saw Luka, perched on Nate’s shoulders. It had been about 7 minutes. And I have at least 40 new grey hairs.

{ I was so worked up –or ‘distraught’ as the shop assistant put it- that I then proceeded to panic…

“Where’s Eden???!!!!!”

I was carrying her.

Apart from that, and when Jai went to ‘look for Daddy’ and took forever to come back, it was a good day. I don’t do scary rides though. I’m just there to carry the bags while I wait for others to have rides haha.

movieworld 059


Next time, maybe I will buy one of those leash things like I've threatened in the past.