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Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 Hours

No, my hand was not caught under a rock {btw, how hot is James Franco teehee} , rather, this is the amount of sleep I've had this weekend.

Why is it that kids always ALWAYS spew at 3am. Well, it started at 9pm, but there is always one at 3am too. Poor Jai, he was so sick. And I felt proud that I can clean up puddles of vomit without vomiting myself! He seems to be feeling better now, Cara has just come down with it, so that’s 2 down, 6 to go! Lots of lemonade, dirty washing and buckets lying around at the moment {and can I just say that I am getting a Hills Hoist soon and am overly excited about it- the clothes line we have now can fit 2 loads of washing on it, I have 3 loads squeezed on it , a load of blankets and towels washing now, and another pile of clothes waiting patiently. So I fully expect to love the clothesline guy as much as I love the air-conditioner dude}

I have had a few photoshoots lately. I have to say that getting a photo like this

jody edits 039

makes me really love what I'm doing! I mean, I know I don’t have backdrops or studio lighting {dream dream} but so far everyone seems to like the photos, and I'm sure ill be set up properly very soon {lusting after backdrops and those mats that look like wooden floors etc.} And I just laybyed the Canon 60D!!

Now, im going to lie down with Eden and watch a crappy movie. But heres some more pictures anywaySmile hope you had a great weekend, not involving vomit!





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