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Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 weeks

Of school holidays. Beginning with my first wedding shoot, and although I was nervous about being nervous, I think it went well.

17thsept 005

A loooooong day, a flat camera battery crisis averted by a friendly wedding guest, many many many photos, which I have almost finished editing!

17thsept 798

Followed by a surprise party for my beloved Nana. She was surprised all right

sept 006

And it was  nice to see everyone. My family is kind of the black sheep of the extended family. And we took up a whole table. Eden won everyone over with her squeaky shoes. And I loved being told how beautiful my family is.

sept 100

Beautiful, even when Eden does her ‘smile’

This is me with my brother and sister, and Nana and Pa. We hardly ever get photos together.I hate getting photos taken, and I’m sure Stevie was just wanting to go back to the bar!

sept 088

2 weeks has left time for many many kids to sleep over, we have had 9 or 10 kids here constantly. When we werent swimming of course

sept 132

sept 133

Or just getting soaked

sept 108

I also finished my shots for Wild Things of Noosa. Go and have a look, you might recognize a very adorable model! I am so happy with how they turned out…


Its been a nice 2 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong though,

I am soooo looking forward to school tomorrow!!

I am hoping to take Eden and Luka out for the day, maybe a walk along the koala track, a play at the park, and an icecream eaten while looking at Wivenhoe Dam. If the weather co-operates. It was just becoming gorgeous Queensland spring, but over the last few days, it has turned cold and windy again. And of course, I spent last weekend packing the winter stuff away!

Well, the vegetable garden calls. It is begging for more soil and mulch, and then it will be ready for planting! We will also be starting our straw bale gardens again soon{last years are now mixed into the veggie patch}. Luka and Jai are going nuts inside, so im going to rug them up and make them help!

Hope your last 2 weeks was as ,um, interesting as ours.