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Monday, October 3, 2011

13 things about the Chapmans

1. Simon and I met in grade 10.And got married 6 years ago.

2. We never planned such a huge family, but love {mostly} every moment.

3. We have all embraced country living, after 10 years in town.

4. We currently have 2 turtles, a blue tongue lizard, a cat and a dwarf miniature Shetland pony, Frodo, who you might have seen a few posts ago. He has lots of health issues that require constant attention, but is happy living with us and all the kids.Rani is getting chickens for her birthday, and im thinking about a goose.

5. We own *gasp* 3 televisions. And a dvd player. And a wii and a ps3. I never said I was anti-tv hehe

6. We havent had a holiday for 2 years! Boooo!! Im trying to con Simon into going away next month, maybe a caravan park??

7. I have always been, and always will be, a stay at home mum.

8. We force insist the kids help with housework etc.Cara and Dakota can also cook a meal, which I love, because when I left home I couldn’t cook at all, and that was hard!

9.Public School. A little country public school, but public nonetheless.

10. We immunize. We don’t circumcise, its not really offered here anymore anyway, unless there is a medical reason.

12.We have taught the kids that no matter how much we all argue etc, we are a family and will always love each other, I think its unrealistic to think that you will never fight within the family.

13. We think our kids are awesome!! so so awesome!!!