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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A belated birthday post

Happy birthday Mr Ed, Fred,Freddy,Freddler,Jai Ethan.

It has been 7 years since we had our first son join our family of girls.7 years to learn about bugs, and dirt, and how high we can climb –current record-shed roof. We have learnt to identify cars at a glance, and praise people for their driving choices {at the grocery shop, to a complete stranger getting out of his hotted up Holden, ‘Nice car mate’

7 years, and I can still remember the words your daddy spoke when I told him the scan showed a boy, “Bulls*!t!!!'” lol

7 years of superheroes,and guns,and an obsession with karate.

You have been in school for 2 years, and I admit I underestimated you, and your concentration span.You love it, and are doing great! But next time when you have a magic trick due in, it might be good if you mentioned it before Friday morning.

We took you to movieworld for your birthday, showered you with lego and weaponry and a Batman castle cake.

ava-isla 164

You gave yourself the black eye

ava-isla 178


7 years and it feels like yesterday you joined us, with your little buddah face, a clone of your beloved Daddy.I love you so much Jai, my first son, big brother,little brother, Im so proud of you, and cant wait to see what you become!