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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Start like this: 9pm, Friday night, 1 kids goes down with what I think is food poisoning.

By Sunday night I realized it wasn’t food poisoning, the 6 people vomiting tipped me off .

The only one who didn’t get sick was Luka, even though Rani spewed on his head while he was asleep.

The kids missed Trick or Treating, even though we had bought costumes, and stuffed the mailboxes in the village with notes containing balloons for people to attach to their gates if they didn’t mind supplying the village* children with lollies  {we have a lot of elderly people in the village ,  and that way if people don’t want the kids knocking on the door, they just don’t hang up the balloon- brilliant idea I thought, I read it somewhere, and there actually was a lot of balloons up }

So so so thankful we now live in a house with 2 toilets.

{back later with Luka’s 4th birthday post- poor little man was sorely neglected while we were all feeling sorry for ourselves and cradling our buckets.He did, however, get his wish, Buzz Lightyear, who has kindly kept him entertained while they act out the entire movie Toy Story 3.}

* Whenever I call where we live ‘The Village’ I get an image in my head of the residents of Minden chasing strangers away with a pitchfork. You know, “Get out of our Village. Outsiders arent welcome!!!” sort of thing. Its not like that at all, in case you were wondering,- there is just a giant sign at the entrance  that says Minden Village*