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Monday, December 14, 2009

A long overdue post…ive missed you so much!

Well, ill start by saying, hello strangers! I have been missing stalking your blogs you! Also, if you have somewhere to be, be warned this is a loooong post! I owed you one!

It has been really really really really really hot here. I mean, hot. And our air conditioner broke.

And we lost our much loved Chuppy.


Either from snakebite or a heat induced heart attack. We don't know. It was very fast, and a big shock. He was only 3.

So i have been feeling really shall we say, crapola. Its just too hot, and we have been so busy, i just feel overwhelmed. And drained. Hubby has gone back to Monday to Thursday nights, i am so glad he has steady work again (well, until he finishes in 6 days then we will have to see what happens) but it means i am having to do a lot of ‘stuff’ you know, everyday stuff, shopping for food for 7 hungry mouths (I'm hungry too!) Christmas shopping, (i have about 10 presents left to buy) all the end of year school stuff ( today is officially the first day of school holidays here) etc etc. So I am feeling very tired and unmotivated.

BUT, in bean news , I had a hospital appointment, and an ultrasound, and everything seems fine. They cant find any reason for the bleeding, but beanie girl is growing fine (even though I've only put on a total of 2.1kgs- i was tiny compared to all the other women at the hospital)) and all her measurements are good. And….. we made it to 28 weeks!! Officially into the 3rd and final trimester!! I marked the occasion by packing my hospital bag , so all ready to go, heres hoping bean stays put at least another 10 weeks!


Hmmm, what else has been happening? Well,

I get my camera back this weekend!! I am so excited,  and cant wait to bombard you with photos!

Cara graduated primary school, now I am the mother of a high schooler! She was unimpressed, more impressed with the fact she was allowed to dye her hair for the occasion.

Dakota has been selected as one of next years ‘school leaders’. I was so so proud of her!

Rani turned 8, and i made a pastel rainbow cake……. and have no camera! I dug out the old fuji, and will post some pics of half eaten cake soon. ( It has been so hot, i got up at 4am to start the cake- the only time it is even mildly cool!) Rani asked for , and received, the present i spent a month trying to buy last Christmas (sold out everywhere), the Fish Bank. She has saved over $50 already!

Jai had a day at school, to prepare for next year. He looked so cute in his uniform, i almost cried. My 1st baby boy, grew up so fast!


And the fatboy? Or the not-so-fatboy? (We have kind of switched to Lou-Lou) Well, he is still adorable, still in love with his mummy, and toilet training!  Going really well, my big boy! Still dont know how he will take the newest addition. It will be interesting, since he still likes to go to sleep with his arms around my neck!

And this??



This is what happens when  it hasnt rained for about 6 weeks during a heatwave!