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Monday, November 30, 2009


With the public health system. Having my apparently non-urgent ultrasound pushed back to tomorrow. Frustration. With doctors who are unconcerned. With bed rest orders, then ‘don't bother’ instructions.

However…. i finally saw a doctor who told me something! She explained that the risk now (apart from premature labour) is that the baby will not have enough room to grow properly. ( this fact, together with the fact I've put on exactly one  and a half kgs -at 26 weeks- scares me a little) So they will finally (after me in tears)  do another ultrasound to check the hematoma, and beans growth. They are also doing blood tests to check how much blood i have actually lost.

I was all set to write a huge happy blog last week. After my bed rest was lifted ( as it was making no difference at all), and an ultrasound and blood tests  scheduled, I was feeling great. Had a big week, Jais godfather visited and we went to SeaWorld, and the beach and Britney Spears ( soooo bad, it was great haha… the lip syncing, the huge delays, the awful dancing, just great!) , then Thursday, I hit the wall, and have slept for the last 3 days.

I will update tomorrow night after ultrasound and blood tests. Beanie has made it past 26 weeks, and although i am still bleeding, and I'm thinking anaemic, she is such a strong little girlie, always kicking me. Go hard baby girl, only 13 weeks to go:) I am currently swinging from hugely confident to massively depressed. Hence my erratic blogging, and total lack of commenting. I miss all your blogs, and i hope after beanie arrives safe and sound, i can get back into the swing of things:)

will post some photos later, finally put my baby in to be fixed * remember when Rani stood on my beloved camera and broke the screen?* he will be ready in 2 weeks (and much cheaper than I thought), I cant wait, finally some good news!

Its beginning to feel like Christmas around here… Jai asks every single morning, “is it Christmas now?'” It will be  along 25 days…