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Monday, November 2, 2009

Letter Of Intent

Yes Im late…again… so here goes, Im going to do this…nablo1109.120x200

laugh if you will (especially since im already 2 behind haha)

Back to business..


Courtesy of Julie,here my letter of intent (only about  4 days late)

Dear people over the road,

Once again it is the weekend *… And for some reason the fact that it is the weekend means you are obligated to

a) get rip-roaring drunk

b) force the neighbourhood to listen to your awful music choice

c) screech laugh VERY loudly until at least 3am.

And dont get me wrong, its not like I dont enjoy the giggle I get watching the mailman (and yourself) poke the mail into your squashed-during-a-drunken-burnout-in-your-driveway mailbox. I admit that I did get a laugh out of watching your hubby shirtless and drunk trying to pick his motorbike up out of the ditch where it slipped out of his hands.

Maybe you have no furniture inside, and that is why you sit outside all night, whether its raining or freezing or whatever.

This letter makes me sound , I realise, like a complaining neighbour  but  surely the fact that after you moved in, 4 neighbours near you have since moved,says something.

Seriously, I do not mind partying. But could you possibly GO INDSIDE  YOUR HOUSE after say, 1am?

Thanking you,

one of your neighbours…

*it WAS the weekend when I wrote this:)

I really sound whiny! But oh well, I feel better,lol