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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letters Of Intent


Courtesy of Julie….

Dear sons,

You know the roll of toilet paper does not GO IN the toilet right? So, why am I repeatedly pulling soggy almost full rolls out? Its bad enough we buy the giant economy sized packs- that I am yet to EVER see anyone else buying at our local grocery shop- but now I have to go get MORE!

And you know, when you get up at 5am, maybe you could just watch cartoons or eat breakfast, as opposed to having complicated,prolonged,noisy car races.

I get the whole obsession with bugs thing, you being boys and all, but forgive me if i do not appreciate a cockroach or a spider being shoved in my face while I sleep.

If you didn't eat in my bed, that would be great too.

On the other hand, you two boys crack me up everyday. And your love for each other makes me so happy!

*oh,before I forget,pee goes IN the bowl. Just in case you didn't know.

Love you boys so so much

Love mummy.