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Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama

I have not had 8+ kids here all weekend (ages 18 months to 12) ,thus I am not exhausted at all. They did not stay up giggling  until all hours, adding to my exhaustion. I did not lie down with Fatboy ‘just for a minute’ and fall asleep fully dressed. I am not still in those same clothes.

We did not have a winter BBQ last night, i did not treat myself to 2 (gasp) margaritas, and i did not feel a bit tipsy. No, not at all!

I did not immediately buy this as soon as i saw it. lukaelmosuit

I did not cuddle Luka uncontrollably cos he was so cuddly.lukaelmosuit2

I have not had conversations with Jai for the last 2 weeks about bums/bumholes/butts. He is a refined classy well mannered boy who did not greet me when i got home with

“ Me and Rani showed Kote our bums like this'” (mimes bending over)

and i was not grateful that at least they still had pants on.

I have not washed 3 loads of towels so far today. We did not completely run out of towels and the kids did not use the BLACK towels hubby and i got for our WEDDING ( does black towels as a wedding gift seem wrong to you?) and therefore I do not have to wash 2 towels on their own,because they get covered in fluff i hate them so much are so nice i dont want to ruin them.

I did not totally neglect my blog this weekend cos i was so tired i just crashed because i went to a 2nd hand book sale at 7am Saturday and the flea market at 6am Sunday   well just because:)

We are not still looking after my brothers dog, he is not adorable at all.

Bailey3Nope, not at all.

I didnt let the kids have sparklers on the condition that they stand exactly where i said in a nice spot for photos.


I am not excited to send off TimTams and am not planning on giving away more soon , with Vegemite thrown in!

I did not buy bubbles just so I could practise blurry background shots. Rani did not have chip crumbs all over her mouth.ranibubbles14

Jai did not blow so hard i thought he would pop something.jaibubbles6 jaibubblespop

I am not going to turn the computer off now, and referee 8 kids playing. Cos everyone plays nice at our house, there's never any fighting. We do not behave like savages at times, unbrushed hair, plastic swords and all.


Nope, not us..


{Kimber} said...

I do NOT totally love that little elmo!!! :)

Miranda said...

Girl I do not know how you do it with 8 busy bodies?! I might be have 8 of my own one day, but it seems so crazy to think about it. Hope you have a great day I always love hearing from you on my blog. :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, busy weekend with a lot of babes! The photos are so great!! And that little Elmo suit is adorable!!

4 Lettre Words said...

8 kids...bless you!

Beautiful photos, as usual!

Groovy Mom said...

Little Elmo is too cute. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Eight children? You are like super mom or super nanny or super energy lady or something.

I'm very impressed with you. Wow.

And since your son is doing the bum conversation, I feel I should tell you that the word verification for my comment, no lie, is "buttstab." I mean, wow.

Foursons said...

You did a great Not Me! for being so tired! What kind of camera are you using? The pictures are beautiful-and the blurry backgrounds...divine!

Foursons said...

How do I contact you to get you my address?

Alicia W. said...

Elmo+Blurry Backgrounds = a fabulous Not Me week. :o)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What great pics! I love the bubble ones and your little Elmo man!
Um, you gonna send some kids home and get some rest!?!