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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tagged again woot woot, and 10 things about the Mr.

Christina over at luvinthislife  has tagged me! (she has the best tattoo!)

6th picture folder, 6th picture and tell the story behind it:)

( prepare yourself, cos its NOT my kids for once!)


No, thats not me. ( I aint crazy) Its my MUM!!! (mom) . We  (my gang, my sister Belbie –no thats no her actual name- and brother Steven) gave her a skydive for her 45th Birthday. My sister is a sky-diving freak ( she LIVES at a drop zone, covered in tatts, works in childcare ill have to ‘introduce’ you some time) and suggested it. Mum, shockingly was KEEN AS!!! ( sorry thats a bit of Aussie slang) oh and i mentioned Mum was 32 when she became a grandma. She was a young mummy, not as young as me, she was 19 when she had me, I was 16 when I had Cara. I have to admit, the thought of ME being a Grandma in 3 years is UNTHINKABLE, so I guess she did okay coping with it (long story,maybe later)

But, the skydiving, She was amazing and fearless, my mum rocks!

Um, Im supposed to tag 5 people, you know how I am with that. So, go nuts guys:)

Oh yeah, I was going to pass this 


on too!

1. Melissa cos I just found her blog and am loving it!

2. Julie  cos she had a whole POST complete with pictures of her (melted)tim tams!! And she sang/wrote the theme from Waynes World:)

3.Kimber  cos she did the tim tam post too!!(and ate them all in like 1 night, thats the way!!)

4.Sassy cos her blog has the best header and title

5.Jennifer cos she sticks cheerios to her kids head:) And takes photos!


I was going to start 10 things, like Alyson and Kimber have done. But I think Ill save it for later , this post has gone on long enough:)

Plus, I will probably have more babylegs photos later


{Kimber} said...

I think u should write a book { dedicate it to me of coarse}
I'd sooo buy it!! Who's mom would skydive?? Not mine!!! She can barely handle going to the mall!!!
I think too you should do an Aussie spin on my word of the day---Aussie wod!!

Alyson said...

You should do my 10 things post and don't forget to link up on my page so everyone else can see!!! :0)

Foursons said...

Awww...thanks Lisa! I love that this picture was the one that happened to be the random choice.

My husband just got a customer from Australia and I told him he needed to barter Tim Tams. He keeps forgetting the name and asking me to remind him. Maybe we'll have a lifetime supply soon! (Of course that would only mean about a month worth with me around)

Melissa said...

Awww, thanks Lisa, you're too sweet! I am lovin' your blog too - so glad we found each other! Love the pic of your mom skydiving - she seems super-cool. :)

Jennifer W. said...

Congrats on the award, and thanks too! I think it's really cool that your mom is a skydiving momma!! I think it's pretty cool to have a bloggy friend from the other side of the world. :)
And an Aussie word of the day would be cool!

Foursons said...

My husband just sent me this link.

I think he's a fan.

Alicia W. said...

I love this post! :)