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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Mullet man, sorry, Cara…

I had this ready last night and then read MckMama s twitter. Sending love to Stellan xxx

Meet Cara. Firstborn. Born in 1997. 


See that look of shock on my face? We (hubby and I) were 16. No clue how this tiny girl would rule our lives:)

When Cara is born, after a 26 hour labour , we are living with Simons mum. We soon move out,lol, to live on our own, our little family…only the start of something that will become much BIGGER…

Cara was adorable when she was little.cara8months

and has always known how to crack me up


Ok, flash forward to today. Cara has become over the last year or so, a pre-teen!(who hates me talking about puberty,even saying the word puberty is taboo) Who is way too interested in her own appearance,haha. But we are still pretty close.

For Cara, or Mullet man as we call her, sometimes Mullet eyes –look i dont know why we call her that  i think it is because she had a mullet hairstyle  for a while, and its never bothered her except when I screamed out GO MULLET at sports day one year- lipgloss is number 1.

No, there's  lots more to Cara than lipgloss (there's the hair,the eyeliner,the clothes) She loves netball, horses,dogs-but not poo duty,music, Zac Efron,riding her bike, jumping her bike!, her friends, and whether she will admit it or not, loves her brothers and sisters. Sure they  fight, but Ill catch them laughing together, or giving each other notes. Oh, and she just started reading Twilight!

Seriously, I dont know what Id do without my Mullet. Its hard to put into words. Cara although sometimes angst ridden, (sometimes like a story teenager with the door slamming and eye rolling)will always be my first baby. The one who made me a mum. 






Shes gorgeous, My Firstborn. So why dont I take more photos of her?  


Hehe. Surly, pre teen Cara, in all her glory. Photographic evidence! Although I love her to bits, a co-operative photo subject she is not!Still gorgeous though:)


Next up, Dakota:)


Foursons said...

Awww...sweet Cara! Gotta love those pre-teen girls, poor things are going through hell!

Jennifer W. said...

My Ashton is just a few months older than your Cara-born Jan 97, and I feel your pain. We're not allowing makeup till 13, and although she has finally resigned herself to it, she's NOT happy about it! And we have had MANY talks about treating siblings the way she wants to be treated. Things are good right now, but we have flare ups pretty regularly! At least it's just a phase, right?

Brandi said...

She has the most gorgeous eyes! I'm looking forward to the rest of your family! :)

Have a great week!

Melissa said...

She's beautiful! I love the pic of her w/the hood up and hair in her eyes. You're in trouble when it's time for dating!! (I'm there now w/my 15 yr old..ughhhh!) The 2 of you will definitely have stuff to talk about once she really gets into Twilight! That's what most of our conversations relate to anymore (you know, the decent ones where there's no yelling, eye-rolling, or door-slamming)! Lovin' your blog!!

Tina said...

she is so cute. I, too, had my first when I was 16, I know that look of shock.

{Kimber} said...

She photographs beautifully though....
You just have pretty kids!! :)
I love the first pic of you with the deer in the headlights look like WTF do I do with this thing!!! Lol