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Friday, June 12, 2009

Babylegs Anonymous


My name is Lisa. I'm a babylegaholic. I've  had a problem for about a year now. I cant stop. If i don't get my babyleg fix, I have withdrawals. The worst part is, I have NO intention whatsoever of stopping.  I force my affliction onto other people, and force my son into a fashion statement that, although he loves now, will surely come back to haunt him.


Aaaah. Just one more? I promise, just 1 more so  I can go to sleep.


Again, im very sorry. Just be aware there is two more pairs you haven't been forced to look at over and over seen.

Did I mention that this morning when I drove hubby to work, we had to wash the ice off the windscreen? No? Well we did. And it sucked. Big time. Then the cheery 5am radio guy goes (in an obscenely chirpy voice for 5 in the morning-what are you so happy about at this ungodly hour?) “its minus 1 quite cool,hehe” Well. That explains why my hands are numb. And its the 2nd week of winter. Happy days ahead:)

This little guy


is going home tomorrow. ill miss him, but have realised that 3 dogs make too much crap for 1 yard (grin- but really, its gross). He was a very good portrait  subject though:)


And just to prove Luka still has a head and is not just some weird leggy creature


See? The Fatboy is much more than a pair of legs!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

cutest legs ever! awwwww! and that puppys adorable :)


{Kimber} said...

LOL that first pic looks like he is posing!!!!!! I understand why your so obsessed-it is preciousness at it's highest!!!!!!!!! {grin}
{AHHHH Tim Tam's---is there an "American" food you would like??}

Jarka said...

I have to admit that I absolutely love all the photos of Luka´s cute toes and legs :) ...but the last photo...oh my...he´s so precious !!!!you should post more pictures of his sweet little face :)
we all love toes but with face like that even the cutiest toes stay unnoticed... lovely... :D

Robyn Jones said...

LOL!....Leg adiction.....you kill me...

I have to say though..they are some pretty cute legs....

and it is good to know it has a head...

Great pictures by the way...you do good work..

Mama4Real said...

I've only just recently been introduced to "baby legs". They are so cute!

Foursons said...

Love the legs, the dog is so cute, and the face is adorable. What a day of picture taking you've had!