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Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

Courtesy of MckMama 

I am not still dealing with a bum/poo obsession (Jai) his latest saying is not “ Ill put you in the poo bin” and I do not giggle every time even though it makes no sense!

We did not –finally – get Rani’s loft bed cut down, so she finally has a bed. We moved in 6 months ago, and of course we have not made her sleep on a mattress all that time.

I did not see this out the window this morningsleepin! 

and I was not thrilled that I was seeing the sunrise ( well, almost) and not the moon.

I have not taught Fatboy to cuddle me tight and shiver , and say “its cold” . He does not do it constantly, it is not completely adorable:)

I did not plan a big family weekend that ended up with me driving for 3 hours, only for everyone to get sick.I did not come home very disappointed. We did not plan ANOTHER picnic today. It did not RAIN! I have not resolved to try again next week.

I did not , instead of picnicking, buy Jai a new bike (yay for stock take sales) and I do not get a little thrill watching him ride it!newbikeI also….did not read Twilight (finally) and did not love the book. I did not then watch the movie and do not have a small crush on, no not Edward, haha, Jacob:) I did not buy the 2nd book today, and will definitely not probably stay up all night reading it. (hello, I get up at dawn, Im sleeping right now)I will not force hubby to go buy me #3 on Wednesday!

I do not have a babylegs problembabylegsno matter what you say:)

We do not have dads ride-on mower here. Fatman  is not obsessed and does not insist on sitting on the mower for hours at a time. 


He is not my Incredible Hunk:)incrediblehunk

and does not look like this after a big daygrubster

Nope, never!!


Foursons said...

The sunrise is beautiful. What months are your summer? I heart Edward, can't believe your a Jacob fan! And the trip...geez. Always makes life fun, doesn't it?

{Kimber} said...

Wha??? Jacob??? Seriously!!! U will LOV
That sunrise pic is gorgeous!!! {so is the hulk :)}

{Kimber} said...

My comment got retarded---it should say:
You will LOVE book 2 { Jacob lover}

Jarka said...

adorable!!!! I absolutely love the photos...I love Twilight as well (read all the books already and saw movie - maybe million times...)
aaaw rainbow babylegs!!! :)
oh and great new bike :)

Melissa said...

your sunrise pic is amazing..and don't get me started on twilight (but i <3 edward!)..can't WAIT til november when new moon comes out!

Night Owl Mama said...

awww sweet photos luv the colorful legs