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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just call me a pet sitter.

Remember how we looked after Bailey, my brothers dog?


Well, he went home, and now we are looking after my sisters pet.


Meet Tashi. The Carpet Python. Secured in her tank in the garage. (hubby HATES snakes-every time summer rolls around,he gets all snake-paranoid whenever we go outside. I didn't tell him the neighbour told me they have had 3 extremely poisonous brown snakes in their yard)

Fatboy  was intrigued


and not scared at all. Expect more photos soon:)   (oh, like that HUGE bruise? that's what you get when you swing between the lounge and coffee table. That bruise is almost permanent, he always hits it again just as its going away. i swear he has had that bruise for 3 months)

So, new header picture! You like?I took 32 photos, that was the absolute best. (Im still not happy with it) Wanna see some outtakes? 



I would like to do a question and answer post soon! So, do you want to ask me anything? I know I've been asked about my camera, I've got that in there!  If you do have a question, just write it in the comments and Ill answer! ( and can at least 1 person ask something, just so I dont feel like a total loser,hehe)

School holidays started here today. Let the fun begin!!


susanc said...

ARGH!!!! on the snake....I hate snakes but I hate spiders more!!

I'll ask a question.....how did you do the watermark on your photos...I think I can add one in Picasa or Photoshop but because I have no real time to sit & play...you can tell me & that will be quicker. Also what's your favourite lens & why??

Why did you start blogging, it's not really common here.......??

With five children what's your best ideas about dinners.....

There that's a good start

{Kimber} said...

ok now that is creepy...and cool{...my mother is DEATHLY afraid of snakes {one time my older bro chased her down the street with a rubber snake--did you catch that--not even a REAL snake and she was sprinting like her life depended on it--good times}
anywho...focus...umm I love the new shots of the kids{espcially the header one}
I ♥ your watermark {how did you do yours--mine was in photshop as a brush we learned in my photoshop class not that I remember how we did it--my mind is bad}
why did you and your beloved wait to get married?
where did you get married?
Are boys or girls "easier"?
HOW do you keep up with laudry with 5 kids?? {I'm looking at a heaping pile right now--but gotta blog hehe}
last one:
when are you coming to visit me?

I could go on and on...but this has turned into a post in the comment section..soooooo

later gator

Sassy said...

Oh I have tons of questions!

How on earth do you keep your sanity with five kids? :)

How do you shop for five (food, clothes, etc)?

What kind of meals do you make?

How many times a day do you cook? (dinner only, lunch and dinner, all three meals?)?

How do you and your husband find time to work on your marriage?

How long have you been seriously taking pictures?

What are your religious and political views???

OK OK you SO don't have to answer that last one! lol Just me being nosey! ha! :)

Pink Slippers said...

SCARY! You are SO brave to pet sit a snake.

Foursons said...

I pink puffy heart your new header!

Here's my question. What is your secret to a happy, healthy marriage? You have managed to beat all the odds staying married and having 5 children when starting at such a young age.

Alyson said...

You won an award on my blog!!! Come and see!! :0)

<3 Alyson


alyssa said...

great pictures! your family is precious!

Tracy said...

Love the new header and is your watermark new?

YUCK on the snake but great pics of it!

CailinMarie said...

I love your pictures! I have to say Bailey definitly wins out over the snake in my book! I LIKE the header, I like the balance, the colors, the kids faces, it is a good picture.
I'm with Kimber, how'd you do the watermark? I sometimes want to post artwork but don't want it "stolen"
I'd love to know what you "wish you'd known" especially with the oldest. My oldest is 11 and we are moving on to uncharted territory (well the oldest is ALWAYS uncharted territioty) but I can see the hormones beginning, just begining and oh dear.

Melissa said...

LOVE the new header & watermark!

so here are my questions - when you're out in public, do people ever ask you if all the kids are yours? and then do they go on to say, "you do know what causes that, don't you?" and then do you think/say, "Uhh, no, I have no CLUE how I ended up w/all of these kids! They just started following me around!" (I usually go the smartass route, as you can tell..lol)

Did you plan your pregnancies? My hubby loves to tell people that we didn't plan any of ours, except the 2nd one...the rest just showed up..lol

Jennifer W. said...

You're a cool pet sitter-not many people would sit a snake!! Snakes don't bother me, but don't even ask me to LOOK at a spider. Nope. Not gonna do it! I'll have to think about some questions-and I'm cracking up at Melissa's comments-we get those questions all the time!! And we are usually sarcastic about it too! Are you seriously asking me that (or telling me that I 'certainly have my hands full!' in front of my kids?? We met a family the last time we were at Disney world with six kids, and we were having this same discussion and the dad said he usually tells people, 'If my kids acted like yours I probably would have stopped at 2 too!' LOVE THAT!!

Miranda said...

Love the new header, I keep wanting to make a new one for my blog but that perfect picture is unattainable I think.
I'll be thinking of some questions, looks like you got your hands full of them right now!! I'll be back though.

Jersey Girl in Louisiana said...

amazing pictures. really like your blog!