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Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011

January will be forever in my mind.

The first we heard was Towoomba (about 45 minutes from us) had been smashed by a wall of water. In the main street. The water swept downstream, devastating all the towns that lay below. Grantham. My heart breaks.

We werent too worried. A lot of telephone calls between relatives and neighbors, thanking god that i was able to contact everyone, and so far everyone was ok.

We all received the sms from the government/ses telling us to evacuate. But we had 8 kids there, the water was over the road both ways, we werent going anywhere.


The water reached our back fence, and our side fence. Both our neighbours had water through their houses.

After it was over, we tried to get the girls friends home, before the water hit Ipswich. The whole area was just devastated. I have no idea how simon got the wagon over the roads.floodsjan11

Even more devastated when we heard that Jesse, little 4 year old Jesse had been swept away and lost. The kids all knew him. They lived just round the corner. They left when they got the same sms we did. It happened at their school. Broken hearts. So many.

Driving around (we did get the kids home, we ended up meeting some relatives of theirs,very complicated and lots of driving) we were just stunned. Our whole area has just been torn apart.



see that roof? We were just driving around in tears. Sobbing.lisas 234

Our local shop. See the strip of road? Its from the opposite side of the road.lisas 235

The school, thankfully opened on time,thanks to awesome blokes with a backhoe!

lisas 238

The kitchen of the house we helped clean. Poor Shell, it was so so awful, just awful.

Jais little mate from over the road moved into his new house with his mum 3 weeks ago. All they have left is the frame of their house.

Please pray people, for the lost, and for what everyone has lost. People have lost so much. I am so thankful we all were ok, and that we live in such an amazing area, everyone has just pulled together to do whatever they can.

So whatever youre doing, please send Queenslanders your love today.