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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We’re Going Down!

Thankfully we didn’t. But that didn’t stop Luka yelling it as the plane landed {and lets not forget the whole ‘3,2,1 Blast off!’ for the first 20 minutes of the flight} While I fully planned on taking photos of us all on the plane, I guess I overestimated my talents, and was unable to even get my camera out of the overhead locker,while trying to deal with Luka,Eden,Jai,dolly the dolly, 3 bags and breakfast. Yoghurt was everywhere, Luka developed a fascination with the tiny plane toilet, Eden wanted to get down, and Jai didn’t want to eat prunes. Still, I felt better when the lady behind me said quietly ‘ youre a great mummy’ { I figured it was because I didn’t kill them during the flight}

Oh yeah, we went to Rockhampton, to visit my beloved best friend, who just happens to be Jai’s godfather, his sister and her fiancé.

And we had fun


Lots of  fun


Feeding ducks and turtles, playing at the park


riding in the jeep with the roof off.

I was seriously spoilt, I did not lift a finger the whole time hehe!



Eden discovered that throwing sand is fun


lots and lots of fun


and really, who am I to deny her lifes little pleasures?


besides, if you can deny this face…


youre a  lot stronger than me!

The best part though?

Feeling the love



and loving watching the bond Jai and Luka have with Jake, Jess and Dylan.Thanks guys, for the holiday, we appreciate every second!


hehehe Luka and his relations {he thinks he is a monkey, don’t ask}