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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life as we know it

Spring! Spring is here! And we are so happy that it is beginning to warm up. No more dressing gowns, no more traksuits, one very hair horse that is waiting for  a haircut…


I am starting to pack away the winter things, getting out Edens adorable summer wardrobe

augsept 042

and taking the kids to the park again. Washing is drying faster on the line, and Eden is squeaking quickly around the house {yep, squeaky shoes-adorable!}

The 4 bigger kids are nearly at the end of 3rd term, Dakota just built an entire tiny town for an assignment, the science fair is coming up-Rani is doing ‘Tornado in a Bottle’ and Dakota is doing ‘Fireproof Balloon’, while Cara’s school won 1st place in the Rock Eisteddfod.

I have my first wedding job next weekend, and I am terrified! I know ill be fine, and do the best job I can, but still, terrified. I also have a pregnancy shoot next week, then the baby's first pictures, which I am really looking forward to!

I am spending way too much on adorable clothes for Eden, from Etsy and Madeit.com, I just cannot help myself,and luckily she is staying in the same sizes for a while , so she gets a lot of wear out of everything. She also gets bags of clothes from friend of ours, so I think she is set for about the next 3 or 4 years! And lets not talk about the tutu collection.


We will be stocking up on new togs now,my mum and dad have moved from the farm, into a smaller place near us, with a pool!!! Oh my, I cant tell you how much we have wished for a pool, our whole lives! I know, stupid, but I am so looking forward to taking the kids swimming constantly over the summer!

Well, Car is nagging me to go shopping, Eden is whinging,Luka is trying to watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids –again, so im off,

till next time xxx