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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OMG 2 followers

Seriously, I am THRILLED!!! So much so i am making ANOTHER entry for today!!! I myself, am slightly addicted, replacing my facebook addiction with blogging!! well its 8:04pm, Luka is asleep, we handed all our forms in, the girls are all at my sisters, Jai and Daddy are playing PS2, so mummy is all alone at the computer, and although i WISH for 5 minutes silence and aloneness sometimes, i never know what to do, and just end up being bored and lonely,lol. Anyway, here is my gorgeous hubby doing my most hated job-hanging out the towels. Ive chosen this pic cos its such a major part of our lives! So far, my record is 27 towels in one day,now THAT is a feat!! And Jai on the tramp, I love his face in this, my lil hellraiser...

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Cabbage Heart said...

Hey Lisa...OMG u now got 3! Lol. I love your pics of your family. Dont be shy to post a comment on my blog next time u visit hunny, i wont bite and neither will any of my readers. You are most welcome anytime.