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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today, Thursday 15th January (im sure) and 'oh yeah' 3 followers!!!

Took the kids to the park this afternoon, didnt seem to use up much energy,they are still going strong! This shot (up the stairs) i had planned in my head did NOT work out, kids are OVER my photography obsession,lol.I still like it cos they are all in it,in age order,haha.. I took about 6 shots of the girls, Rani was cross-eyed in most, and she just ate a red iceblock so she looks like she hasnt brushed her teeth in 100 years, thats my Rani!!
Hubby got the call- back to work in the morning- so im on my own with 7,count em,7, kids ( my 5 and 2 mates)Hmmmm interesting...

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Cabbage Heart said...

Sounds like me at Christmas most years, 6 of mine and 2 of his, and sometimes a few stragglers. Oh what joy!