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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holidays and my sisters head.

Its starting to get hot. Although Summer is still a few months away,we have officially begun the Christmas countdown, {93 sleeps people!!}  the fans are on and the blow up pool is out. And school holidays started yesterday.


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{no that is not a lipstick mark on Luka’s cheek- he is constantly into the face paint pencils and making himself into a dinosaur}

Eden has new togs and I now rule all little girls under 4 must wear a swimming cap- because it is adorable, and really, how long could you get away with this……


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She is not as sad as she appears, just sick of being hosed by annoying brothers.

My sister came over and the kids helped wash the Arsa.


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Yes, the Arsa is her car. And this is her leg


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Yes, its fully tattooed.  We all call her Belbie, and have done for so long that if anyone asks me about Michelle {her real name} I think ‘who's Michelle?’ She is so awesome , my baby sister. There's no one else id rather sit up with until 3am talking about everything.


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I told her she looked like just a head sitting on top of the car. She would hate me posting this,so of course, here it is.

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Eden doing the prickle walk. We’ve had no rain and everything is so dry. So our yard is covered with prickles. Different prickles for each season. And different walks for each prickle.We have burrs right now, and its a slow careful walk because they only hurt if you step hard on them. Bindis on the other hand, you need to run really fast through, preferably hopping a bit too.

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I'm looking forward to the next 2  weeks. I found the cutest cafe yesterday while we were on an op-shop trip   { I know January is a while away but I have been planning Eden’s 3rd birthday since June. Alice In Wonderland themed, requiring lots of trips to Lifeline searching for teacups and candelabras} and cant wait to take the kids for an old fashioned ice-cream soda while we are surrounded by Elvises {Elvi?}

But right now its time to collect the eggs and sort out loads of clean clothes.Hubby is going to mow his mothers yard, Cara is at work, Dakota is at rehearsals and Rani is at her friends house, so its just me and the 3 babies { Jai would HATE being referred to as a baby, but Luka doesn't mind}. Rest assured its NO quieter with the 3 big girls gone. Not one bit!

Oh its it sooooo good to be blogging again. x