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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stuff you may of missed

Since, you know, I’m the worst blogger ever!


The Bean turned 2! {and believe it or not is almost 3!} At the moment she is doing great, still in a size 6-12 months clothing, so teeny weeny, but  has reached all her milestones only a little late, and is now the chatterbox of the family. I just melt all the time at the things she says, I mean i turn to mush when she comes for a cuddle and says ‘ Are you my best friend?’  She is still breastfed, my longest yet, thank goodness she is tiny so I don't get disapproving looks yet.




We made the hard decision to put Frodo to sleep. The vet visited and told me he was so riddled with arthritis his shoulder was frozen permanently. We didn't want him to have to deal with the freezing winters we get here. Frodo was only expected to live 12 months, and he was 4 and a half. Even the vet was crying when he came for his last visit. Dear old Ivan, I've known him since birth, he has seen a lot of our animals come and go, I've never seen him like that. Frodo was loved by everyone in the village, and he now resides in our lounge room, in a beautiful cedar box with a plaque. He would love the fact we finally let him live inside :)



The monsters- they are still awesome, still driving me crazy. Cara has decided to study midwifery after high school, so there has been lots of meetings and planning, she has 2 years of school left, then straight off to university. Dakota finished the high school musical, and signed up the next day for the Cultural Centre’s performance of Narnia. Rani is still antagonising everyone, always. Has become obsessed with ER {yep, the tv show} and chickens, she has 4 hens now. Jai is almost in year 3, still obsessed with Lego, cars and weapons, has also added Star Wars to his list of favourite things. Luka, The Fatboy- remember that??- is still adorable, still loving and cuddly, still a mamma's boy. Eden and Luka are best mates, play together constantly, so much that Eden is picking up his American accent { he really really has one its so funny!}.

So much more has happened, its been almost a YEAR since I've blogged {hangs head in shame} but I'm glad i finally remembered my password, glad i can blog again at last. If anyone actually reads this, {re}introduce yourself please! Direct me to your blogs {again}. Its good to be back.