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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday 14th March -Happy Birthday Dakota Chloe!!!

Dakota Chloe-then and now.
Then- she was a tiny 3kg bundle,in special care, and only slept after they brang her back to her muma where she belonged!Now, she a big 10 year old who is my best sleeper(always has been) Then, she was our 'little sister', now, she is a big sister to 3! Then, Dakota was so quiet, she was the only one that would have a feed,then actually have a big sleep.Now, she is the loudest one of the bunch!

Dakota today you are 10 years old. You have made me so proud,im sure the school will run out of merit certificates now you have arrived (try 3 a week!). You still (always) love to sing, which i love ( just not always the song choice) You are the one that wrote my note,the one i have framed on the bench and read on days when i feel crap ( it reads : Dear Mummy, i have loved you all my life ,love from Dakota) . My sweet 2nd born, i hope you have a great day, i love you xxx

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